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located in Rome, Italy, a part of Why I Love You..., one of the many universes on RPG.

Rome, Italy



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Gareth Emery

Sometimes Gareth could be one who simply took his work too far, or simply took all things too far without thinking. He was a perfection at times too, which was clear in his drawings and his love for photography, as Gareth was at a photo shoot with a middle aged woman with blonde hair, a bright round soft face and bright blue eyes. It was Gareth's job to get a good photo to put on a fashion magazine, and if there was one thing Gareth took pride in, he took great pride in his work, as it was the only thing really that he didn't fail on.

The woman's name was Leanne, dressing in a new silky blue dress with a pearl necklace and a round straw hat with a dark blue ribbon round the center. Leanne had quite a dashing smile which Gareth thought was exceptional but the way she tried to present herself was just not fantastic enough for his shot. Gareth himself wore black trousers with a sleeveless white top, easily allowing the air to reach him, aswell as looking dashing. Afterall, he couldn't look like a good photographer with an eye for detail if what he wore what in complete contrast.

"Lift your head up a little, and turn your head away from the camera. Your eyes must look at the camera, but everything else you can give a little tilt, show your curves", as he demonstrated himself as his body faced away while his back tilted backwards with his head turned towards her, "I'm not flirting at all. Just follow what I say, and you will look absolutely stunning on the mag, ok?....Shot 1". Yeah, sometimes he got the wrong impression on some of the girls, and when he took photos of the lads, that was a whole other story with the ideas they come up with, in which he simply asks, you want to look fab on paper or what? Simply, and straight to the point. No messing.

Why, Gareth probably wouldn't mind flirting with Leanne. Afterall, it wasn't the first time. Only thing was, she already had a boyfriend, and if she got the wrong end of the stick and told him....well, let's say that Gareth probably wouldn't be looking so dashing as he was today, as he wrapped up his photoshoot and sent the photos down to get developed, as he grabbed his bag and headed to his apartment. It was nothing fancy, and since it was just an apartment, he couldn't really design much in there, except have beautiful light colours to make the space he had bigger, and not to mention a lovely mirror for him to gaze into.

However, today seemed to be different when he got in, as he saw a fancy letter on the floor, a golden letter, with fancy writing. Too posh for him, unless it was an invitation. Maybe he had impressed someone high up. A promotion perhaps? With excitement, he broke the seal and opened up, about to pull up a letter, when suddenly, out of NO WHERE! a woman appears directly infront to him in a beautiful satin red dress which looked absolutely amazing, and so did the woman to. Gareth was in disbelief, as he walked backwards, only to hit himself on his door so he could not move, as the woman drew closer and closer. Maybe she was waiting here for him, she wanted him....finally someone who wanted him, as Gareth embraced himself, ready to swing his arms, only for the woman to pass a silver paper.

Well, that's a downer....just when things got interesting, as he took the paper and then the gold pen, reading it through, sighing as it read hopeless lover. Alright, so his luck only went so far, but still, he wasn't totally hopeless, and he hadn't gave up yet. Nevertheless, he read on, as the letter spoke of her being the Divine Goddess of Love which he couldn't of doubted. Though would of been nice to prove it, as he smirked. Taking the pen, he sighed, before asking, "How we getting there?". However, when he looked up, she was gone...just like the other loves of his life.

Gareth couldn't quite comprehend what had just happened, but if there was a chance that he could find his true love, then it was a chance worth taking, as he chucked in a ready meal, not feeling cooking with alot on his mind, before watching a movie, and then going to sleep. In his hand was the golden envelope and in his other hand was his camera. It was hard to part from it, since it was the only thing that had stayed with him through thick and thin, as he descended into sleep.

When he woke up, he squinted his eyes as usual, and was about to turn on his light next to him, when he felt nothing and instead fell out of bed. "Nice start Gareth. Nice start", grabbing onto his bed and pulling himself up when he heard the sound of steps. It was then that he realised he wasn't at home. Where was he? Instantly, he grabbed his trusty camera, and then spotted the letter. It had said he'd be transported but didn't say when? Could this be it? or had he been kidnapped and taken away for being too awesome. Either way would work, though they'd be missing an awesome photographer back home wherever he was.

It was then that he decided to find out where the noise was coming from, so still in his white sleeveless top and pyjama bottoms, not bothering to change, he rushed out and realised he was on a top floor as a balcony was ahead. He also heard sounds also, and female sounds at that, "Hello, anyone here?...Um do you know what the hell is going on?". Gareth drew near and that's when he could of fell back and fainted. Fancy place. Two hot babes. Definitely Heaven!, as he grabbed his camera, zoomed in, took the flash off so they didn't know, and then snapshot! Oh this was fantastic!

Inside, he wanted to answer her and bellow that they were in Paradise, though that wasn't all, since the letter said they'd be seven others and they were only 2 so the other 5 must still be sleeping maybe, so shouting was not a good idea. Not only that, but despite having a few girls in his time, he wasn't exactly the brightest spark, nor the most confident to shine either, as he made his way down the steps with his camera round his neck. He still couldn't believe how two hot girls were infront of him, both looking stunning. He only hoped he wouldn't freeze up and stutter.

Then again, he wouldn't call Rome the place of love. It was Paris wasn't it? Nevertheless, Gareth persisted, as he wandered over to them, "Why your in paradise of course....", he exclaimed, before he then drifted off into his own thoughts which he said aloud, as you do, "....though more I think about it, the more I think this whole thing is weird". Gareth then turned to the girls, deciding not to dwell it furthur. Focus on the here and blow, blah-de-blah, "Anyways, other than being in a strange new place and wondering where we are and maybe feeling lost, how are you both? and would you mind having your photo done, before everyone else joins us", tilting his head and giving a charming smile as he lifted his camera to see if they would oblige. If they didn't, then he'd know that getting dressed first would of been the way to go, or at least waited for them to relax first.

Maybe he should put them at ease first? "And don't worry, if any creepy-crawleys or monsters come in, I'll keep them well away", winking. Alright, so maybe that didn't sound too well. If it goes pear-shaped, then he can easily retreat to his bedroom, get dressed, and come down less energetic. Being in a massive space, all stunning, and having hot girls on your doorstop, wasn't something that happened everyday....