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located in Rome, Italy, a part of Why I Love You..., one of the many universes on RPG.

Rome, Italy



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The night was young, as they say. It was about two when he pulled into his driveway, actually. He yawned and stretched as he got out of his silver jag convertible. He'd been driving for about an hour, coming back from a band gig he had. They mostly played at bars, and they didn't have some big dream of being something someday, they just liked to play. The band itself consisted of four. They had John, the lead guitarist, one of Nick's best friends, Dan, the bassist, and Cliff the drummer. They all had met in high school, and often met up to perform somewhere. Nick played the piano, and was the lead singer. Truthfully he'd never found himself to be a very good singer, but everyone else seemed to enjoy his words and his voice, whether it was extremely amazing or not.

He strolled up to his apartment building's entrance, his hands in his pockets, humming one of his songs. He owned a studio apartment that he'd bought just after college. It had a lovely view despite the smallness of it that might've bothered others, he personally loved it. It was a gorgeous layout, beautifully furnished, and his parents did help him out a bit with the costs. It was pretty modern, the living area connected with the kitchen, and a office loft area above the kitchen. There was a bedroom leading off the living area, and a bathroom in the bedroom and one off the kitchen. The apartment was where he spent a good amount of his time.

He unlocked the door to it, the lights were all off, but the moon shined brightly into the place. He walked to his kitchen, throw his keys on the counter and opening up the fridge. Unsatisfied at what he found, he took out a beer and opened it by using the side of the counter. He took a gulp and walked to his bedroom. There he looked around, it was mostly neat, only a few stray objects. He finished his beer after a few moments of just standing around, realizing his tiredness. He rubbed the back of his neck, and pulled off his shirt, throwing it towards the closet. He collapsed into his bed, which wasn't made, but still very fluffy and comfortable. He was asleep in seconds, but he had an odd dream..

A beautiful woman in a red dress came to him, telling him of how he'd find his true love, soulmate, whatever. She told him that he would find her, and they'd be happy forever and what not. But, if he didn't decide she was the one, he'd live forever alone. He was shocked, and amused, and not thinking it was anything more than a dream. He eagerly signed it, and drifted back to slumber.

It was the next morning when he woke up from being too warm when he realized he wasn't in his bed. Usually his covers were strew and about and off of him, because they were fairly light and he often tossed and turned in his sleep. The covers on him were heavier, and the room itself was different. He sat up, rubbing his eyes, not quite believing what he was seeing. The room was nice, but not his own.

Sliding out of bed, his head throbbed, aching a bit. He kept remembering the woman and the contract. Had it been real? Maybe he was still dreaming? He walked over to what looked to be a dresser, and opened a drawer. It was filled with his clothes to his surprise, and he found something to wear. A light colored V-neck and tan jeans. He looked in the mirror, fixed his hair a bit, and walked out of the room. Looking into a hall, he found that seven people already stood outside another door. He wondered if they knew anymore about what was going on than he did.

Casually he walked over, standing next to a long blonde haired girl. She stood with a brunette girl, and a man. "Hey." He said to them, with a smirk.