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Snippet #2179752

located in Rome, Italy, a part of Why I Love You..., one of the many universes on RPG.

Rome, Italy



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Character Portrait: Anya Marie Di Francescantonio Character Portrait: Chloe Simone McArthur Character Portrait: Akiharu Satou Character Portrait: Park Aimee Character Portrait: Nick Wren Character Portrait: Gareth Emery
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Anya looked around for awhile before seeing a girl walk into the room. Correction, a girl with lightly whitish hair to her. Which meant she was blonde. Great. Just what Anya needed to ruin her mood, a blonde girl who probably couldn't do shit for herself. Anya sighed and cracked her neck so it didn't look like she as rolling her eyes, which she was. "Why? Why a blonde!?" She thought in her head. She never knew why she didn't like blondes, maybe it's because every blond girl she met was a bitch and had a guy do everything for her. Ever heard of taking care of yourself? Either way, she was going to give this girl a chance no matter what she was wearing. No matter how.... revealing it was to her compared to her own pajamas.

"Um do you know what the hell is going on?" Wow, obviously intelligent. Anya was trying to say it but it just came out, "If I knew what was going on would I be asking if anyone else was here?" She said kind of in a dumb girly voice before raising her eyebrow. She didn't mean to seem rude, but this girl just irratated her even if she didn't know her what so ever. God, she was hoping someone would hurry up and come down before this girl made her really become a bitch. "Why your in paradise of course. Though more I think about it, the more I think this whole thing is weird" Anya smirked at the guy as he met them down the stairs. What could she say? He was a cutie.

And when he smiled, it sealed the deal for her. He was a photographer and he was charming. "Anyways, other than being in a strange new place and wondering where we are and maybe feeling lost, how are you both? and would you mind having your photo done, before everyone else joins us", She raised an eyebrow before seeing him smiling. She smiled and exhaled. She hated taking pictures and she wasn't going to take pictures with a Barbie she didn't even know. "I am not very big on photographs. I am sorry." She said with a small smile on her face before shrugging and looking around seeing someone else join the group. She waved not hearing what he said before going back to the man with the camera and the Barbie next to her. But, the second she did another blonde gi-- That was a girl right? Yea, yea it was a girl, joined the quiet one who seemed to be kind of to himself.

She wasn't going to lie when she frist looked at the short haired blonde girl, she thought she was a man. Then she started to wonder if the others were sleeping or if maybe they didn't want to come down to meet their housemates. Until she saw one last man walk into the room and offer a quick, "Hey." To the group. She looked at him and wasn't going to fib. He was good looking, but not her type. He seemed the the Ken doll for the Barbie girl. She crossed her arms before looking at everyone. Wondering where did the woman in red find these people. Hello. She cleared her throat, trying to think of the words she wanted to say in English since she always thought and spoke in Spanish. "My name is Anya. Anya Di Francescantonio. Nice to meet you all." Ok, maybe almost everyone. But, she wans't going to start anything with the long haired blonde girl just so she could probably play the freaking victim. She looked at everyone and offered them a smile.