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located in Brown High Academy, a part of Sam White and The Seven Losers, one of the many universes on RPG.

Brown High Academy



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Character Portrait: Johnathan Hills Character Portrait: Hannah Phelps Character Portrait: Sam White Character Portrait: Philip "Phil" Roe Character Portrait: Alice Bethany Bryant
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Philip Roe


Phil was quite content. He was having a dream that he was living back in the Tudor Era, wearing a fancy suit and going to a masked ball. He didn't seem to recognise any of the girls around him, what with the fancy gowns and big extravagant masks. Phil somehow found himself being drawn to a beautiful girl wearing a flowing white dress and having long blonde hair. He approached her and then held out a hand, bowing his head slightly to her. "May I have this dance?" He asked, smiling delightfully, eagerly awaiting her response.
And then, the beauty of the ball, opened her mouth, delicate red lips no longer pursed but opening up into a gorgeous smile. But, it kept on going. She kept on smiling more and more until it got creepy, and then suddenly lifted a pink microphone to her mouth, waving her arms in the air. "HEY, I just met you! And this is crazy!" Phil blinked a couple of times, confusion etched into his face as he pulled away slightly, but as he drew back, she came in closer.

"But here's my number! SO CALL ME MAYBE!"

Phil awoke with a start, sitting upright after being yelled at in the face. Well... in the dream anyway. He was a little bit worried. Had he really just asked a girl to dance who then started to sing Carley Rae Jepson at him? He then continued to hear the song being played and realised that it was coming from the radio next door. He felt something similar to relief flooding through him. Never in his life would he want to date anyone who could make a song that annoying... He ran a hand through his hair and looked over to his clock. 6:30. "Seriously?" He murmured to himself, groaning a little and then shaking his head. Phil honestly wasn't sure whether Johnny was trying to get him to hate him, or was just being annoying. All the same, Phil didn't mind that much really. He just wasn't much of a morning person. He'd get over it once he was actually awake. "Might as well shower now that I'm up..." He murmured, standing upright and stretching his arms out, before tossing his clothes off and walking into the bathroom.

After finally waking up and getting dressed into a white shirt, a chequered white and green shirt over the top, and jogging bottoms, he raided his wardrobe for his school Letterman Jacket, finding it misplaced. He was thoroughly confused, before one person entered his mind. "Han." He rolled his eyes and laughed a little, knowing that he'd probably find it drooped over her shoulders. "I am going ahead Ken-Doll." He heard being called out to him, but before he could respond with a 'catch you later' the door had already shut. He bit his lip. He'd have to work out how he could try and befriend Johnny. He had nothing against the guy. And yet, Johnny acted sometimes as if they were from opposite sides of the world. He shook his head and then flung his backpack over his shoulders, scratching the back of his neck and then smiling a little. He didn't have time to practice football. Maybe a jog would be good though...

After making his way to the pitch, he took off his chequered shirt and white shirt, just to save sweating on it, and then started jogging around the track. Needed to get some exercise anyways. As he ran around, he suddenly spotted a head of blonde practicing Baseball. Newbie, Sam White. He smiled to her and gave her a wave, but she didn't seem to notice. "Concentration, nice one." He commented, more saying it on his own accord...

He was soon finished and making his way inside the building, walking through the doors of his classroom and tripping over a book. Phil raised an eyebrow before looking down and seeing a book laid out on the ground. Picking it up, he read the name 'Alice Bryant' on the cover. He looked around the classroom, seeing the polite shy girl hiding away in her own corner. He walked over to her and gave her a smile, holding the book out to her. "So many books, hard to keep a hold of all of them, isn't it?" He commented, chuckling a little.