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Snippet #2195250

located in The Cashew Hotel, a part of Celebrity Rankings, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Cashew Hotel

The hotel where all the celebrities are staying.


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Character Portrait: Nabi Keil Freeson. Character Portrait: Red Jones.
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Nabi Freeson.

“You must go!” A well-dressed man yelled, pulling onto the singer’s waist. She was dressed in saggy sweat pants that made her look well overweight despite her not being even close to it; she had a tight spaghetti strap tank on that showed her tan and beat up bra as well as what seemed like cookie crumbs scattered on top of her clothing. Nabi’s hair was pulled back in a messy bun that was unattractively planted on the top of her head.

“No! I have to finish working!” She muffled back, more cookie crumbs spilling onto her attire. The man snorted, trying to pull her harder from the door frame of her room; despite Nabi being rich, she had a small house, though, what it lacked in size, it didn’t lack in its surroundings. It was completely secluded on a beach south of California; thus, allowing Nabi to be completely herself without having the manager worry.

As he looked forward, his face became even more appalled than before. “Is that a cookie you’re eating?” He scowled, causing Nabi to look at him, letting go of the door frame. It sent him back a little ways, though, he quickly regained his posture.

“No…” She said, quickly swallowing it before wiping the leftover crumbs and chocolate stain off of her mouth. Nabi watched as the manager went red to the face; aggravated at her lack of cooperation this morning.

“You promised me that you would go on this vacation as well as stick to your diet!” He growled, pointing his finger at her. “You’ve already gained ten pounds within this very month; you’re lucky I have been working my ass off so that you wouldn’t have any performances until your second album!” His hand shot to his forehead as he released a sigh that clearly said, ‘I’m dead’.

“Whoa, cool it dude.” She said, picking her teeth as she watched him. “If it makes you feel better, I’ll go to the hotel…” It was obvious that she was feeling partially guilty; though, there was a hidden agenda to going there. Reason one is that she could actually work there without having him breath down her back- at least for a while; as for reason two, it was just as simple as Nabi’s mind- so she could eat all she wanted and he wouldn’t know.

He watched her carefully, astonished that she changed her mind so quickly. “Hurry up and get changed, then come downstairs to weigh yourself.” Nabi watched him as he easily discovered her plans; he crossed his arms and leaned against the door frame. Nabi’s face twisted into a childish pout.

“Food Nazi!” She said, her voice lightly feathering her pout. With that, he went down the steps; leaving Nabi alone up stairs by herself. She sighed slightly to herself as she went to the shower, washing her body off with the warm soapy water before applying on makeup and getting dressed in a pretty, petite white dress that just barely kissed her knees.

Her hair was pulled into a low and curly ponytail as she went down the steps to step on the scale; her weight even surprising her to some point. “126.8lbs” He said, simply, writing it down a sticky not before putting it into his pocket. “By the time I come back, you better be at 115lbs again or I’m going to put you back on the fruit smoothie diet.”

Oh great- the one diet she hated the most. Nabi nearly died of hunger from that diet; the only thing you could have was natural, organic fruit smoothies and only three of them a day. Was he trying to kill her? Nabi’s childish pout turned into a small scowl as she stepped off of the scale and pulled on her wrap up heels and walked out the door, leaving her baggage to her ‘evil’ manager.

Nabi sat in the front seat as her manager got in after putting her things in the back, her arms crossed over her chest. It didn’t take long- perhaps thirty minutes- to get to the Cashew hotel. Once they arrived, her manager turned towards her and looked her in the eyes with a serious face. “Put your game face on, and whatever you do, do not let your guard down!” He warned, before getting out and getting her stuff.

She sighed before smiling really angelic like as she stepped out of the car, walking towards her manager who had her luggage for her stay. “I’ll get that.” She smiled; Nabi was completely different than before, she seemed almost perfect. With her things in her hands, Nabi turned and walked through the doors, leaving her manager to take his leave.

Nabi stopped at the front desk and checked in; she grabbed her key and gave her luggage to the luggage boy to take up to her room. For now, instead of going to her room; she decided to look around. Even though Nabi often visits Cashew hotel, she’s never seen the entire hotel due to her sleeping or relaxing at the pool- or messing around in the gym and pretending like she’s working out.

Red Jones

The sun just barely shone into his room; awaking him right at the moment as his maid was about to. Red sat up in his bed, allowing the blanket fall off of his bare chest; he shuffled his hair as he watched the maid look at him. “Well, is my clothes ready or are you just going to stand there?” He said, despite what he said, his tone was elegant and hoarse; his throat being dried. “Get me a glass of water while you at it.”

The maid just nodded in silence, placing his clothes on the bed before turning and bowing her leave. “Bonne putain.” He cursed in French, crawling towards the edge of his bed before placing his feet onto the heated floors. Finally, a break; the movie in Germany really took a toll on him. It was some sort of action film that he played as the main character; it was to be released next spring in Germany.

Red pulled off his pants and changed his underwear before slipping his hands through the white collared shirt and buttoning it up; the fabric was soft and expensive, mostly found Eastern Africa. Once he finished getting dressed, he went to the bathroom and brushed his teeth, combed his hair and went back into his room, just to meet the maid who not only brought up his water but breakfast as well.

He looked at her as she kept her head down, putting the tray down onto the dresser. “You are slow this morning; anything wrong?” He said, walking over to the tray to get a sip of water.

It was as if his question would kill the maid, fore she was afraid to answer him without cautiously thinking through her answer. “N-No sir.” She said, clearing her throat.

“Ah, so are you always like this?” He asked, picking up a dried piece of toast that was supposed to have some jam on it. He dropped it onto the plate before he looked at the salmon, which was beautifully prepared with grapes on the side.

“That is correct.” She answered sheepishly, her head down so he wouldn’t look at her. Red raised an eyebrow at her before walked past her, not bothering to touch the breakfast.

“Alright then.” He said, causing her to release a sigh as he stopped at the door, looking back at the maid. “Pack your things. By the time I come back from vacation, I don’t want to see you. You’re fired due to your incompetence to be on time.” With that, he left his room and trailed down the circular stairs that split the house up in its five stories, stopping at each floor until he hit the bottom, meeting his mother.

She was a woman whose hair was golden brown, her eyes an ocean blue as she walked towards him and kissed his cheek. “I hope you enjoy your vacation, sweetie.” She said as she pressed her cleverly fixed up lips against his cheeks once more. “By the time you get back, your father should be home.”

“Yes, I do hope so.” He said; taking his leave as he headed towards the door, putting on a fake smile as some other maids carried his luggage to the limo. Within a few hours, Red arrived at the hotel, the luggage boys already carrying his luggage up to his room. He had to admit, Red was excited to stay at the hotel; finally, a break to relax and just kick back and perhaps read a book or so.

He breathed in the cool fragrance of the hotel with a charming smile on his face as he walked towards the elevator and pressed the button; waiting for the doors to part.