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located in Prince's Tower, a part of Caged Bird, one of the many universes on RPG.

Prince's Tower

Your home and prison.


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Character Portrait: The Historian Character Portrait: Roland Windsor
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Day 1, Morning

The Prince tower was a desolate place, impregnated with the despair of the various brother of the king as they were unjustly imprisoned on ground of being a threat to their much older brother's throne. The cells containing the prince were well furnished in earthly pleasures and golden surface but were inadequate to dampen the sweet call of freedom. That freedom laid beyond the window of each cell, calling the occupants with it's sweet call every day and whispering promise of grandeur every night. It was on the dawn of such a day that everything changed for those poor princes.

The first ray of dawn peeked through the sole narrow window in Roland's golden cell when he was awakened by guards. Those guard approached the barred door and unlocked it, swiftly entering only to bow deeply to the young man.

โ€œFirst Prince Roland, we are honoured to announce your royal self that you are free of this cell. Your brother the King is dead by the end of the filthy Goulashians, leaving the throne empty. We beseech you to fill it once more with your glorious self but urge you to be careful of your brothers as they hold similar ambitions for the throne. The path will be arduous until your crowning, as we need one hundred days to prepare for this glorious day. Please accept this circlet as a proof of your royal lineage.โ€

As the first guard said this last sentence, another presented the prince with an elegant circlet carved by the Windsor's Family Crest. It was truly a masterful piece of jewelry. As the young man examined his new circlet, the first guard continued his speech.

โ€œPlease also accept this hooded cloak until you are properly announced in two days. You have access to the entirety of the castle but we urge you to stay withing it's borders until then, unless you wear that cloak. I also suggest that you visit the library to aquaint yourself with the going on of the world.โ€

As the prince was presented with an heavy cloak, the guard intoned something the prince have always dreamed of hearing.

โ€œWhat do you want to do this morning, your Highness?โ€