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located in Prince's Tower, a part of Caged Bird, one of the many universes on RPG.

Prince's Tower

Your home and prison.


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Character Portrait: Roland Windsor
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Roland Windsor

This bed, it's so cold. The numbness filled his body like some sort of disease, so long had he lived in this prison cell. His bed was large and full of expensive textiles, his walls plated with gold, luxury everywhere he looked. But it was still a prison. This bed, it's... He lay there, staring at the barred window, the first rays of light began to pierce through the window and into his cell. Then he heard footsteps, strange, who would visit him? He was well supplied with food, so who would venture into the tower to meet with him? He sat himself up on the bed and gazed at the cell door. He watched as the guards entered, showing their respects by bowing before him, he simply stared at them with a bored look on his face.

you are free of this cell

Your brother the King is dead

His eyes widened. He was free at last, and his bastard brother was dead. But, something flashed into his mind, What of the kingdom? Who shall become the next king? It was true that Roland had other siblings, would they race against him for the throne? Nay, he could not allow it, among all of them he was most fit for kingship, he would not allow anyone else to keep him from the throne. It was his, and his alone. It felt all so surreal, he took the circlet and donned it with pride. He then took the cloak and draped it over his back, he didn't plan on leaving to enter the city just yet, he needed to refresh his memory of the Goulashians, and more specifically how politics in Alder worked. A wide smile appeared on his face. "Surely we must have a library in the palace, take me there." He would learn of the Goulash kingdom. It has been so long since he was free, he had completely forgotten how politics, religion and the military worked in Alder. Was there a councill? Would they be a threat? Who were the nobles and which internal factions had influence in Alder? He would attempt to learn all of it, afterall he couldn't bask in his newfound freedom and expect to claim the throne, no, his days from now on would be even more taxing. He would take note not to push himself for at least the first few days, living in the cell had made him weak, he would most definatly need more rest than usual.

>Go to the royal library, if there is no royal library then wear the cloak and visit a public one. Learn about the Goulash kingdom, Alder nobles and influencial factions, political systems etc.