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located in Royal Library, a part of Caged Bird, one of the many universes on RPG.

Royal Library

The royal library is the most extensive source of knowledge of the kingdom.


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Character Portrait: The Historian Character Portrait: Roland Windsor
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Day 1, Midday

At the prince's words, all the guards currently at his cell door saluted, their back straight and gauntlet-clad right hands saluting their prince. Taking formation around the prince, they led him through various corridor and even more numerous stairs to finally arrive before two heavily carved oak door plated with gold leafs.

“We are here, your Highness. The Royal Library, the most extensive collection of tomes in the kingdom.” Said the same guard who spoke earlier, bowing as four other guards opened the heavy door leading inside.

The room was truly majestic, with seven floors worth of shelves all in a circle following the Library's tower's inner walls. Each floor was accessed by ladders and navigated through walkways giving to the area bellow, the later filled with imposing desks and comfortable looking chairs. There must have been thousands of tomes in here!

A few librarians were busy classifying and providing tomes to and fro the bookshelves and the various official using the great hall of knowledge, not putting much mind to what happened around them in their flurry of tasks. Hailing one of the librarians, the guard swiftly explained his charge identity and the reason why he was here. Roland was swiftly sat in the most impressive desk of the great room and provided by various tomes relevant to his interests.

During his sojourn in the library, the prince learned that the Goulash Kingdom was situated to the norther border of the Alder Kingdom and was specializing in both agriculture and weapon manufacturing, possible by the extremely fertile soils under it's foundations. The kingdom also boasted a strong infantry and cavalry, a problem to the naval oriented Alder Kingdom. The current king was the old King Wilhelm V, a ruthlessly brilliant tactician in time of war and a strict monarch in time of peace. The king had 13 children, including ten potential heirs to his throne. One of the king's daughter was unmarried and about 15 years of age.

Alder Kingdom, for it's part, boasted a thriving naval trade as well as a fearsome fleet. The country's aristocracy was divided in three. The first faction was the Merchants, who boasted an incredible wealth born from trading and a strong knowledge of the land. They were in charge of trade and the financial well being of the Alder Kingdom.

The second faction were the Aristocrats, who, also quite wealthy, were less so than the Merchants though they were usually the ones that changed the world around them with their rhetoric and visions for the future. They were in charge of politics in and out of the kingdom.

The last faction were the Warriors, whose wealth was gained by pillaging their enemies' home and by various rewards given by the king in recognition of their martial prowess in time of peace. They were extremely skilled combatants that were in charge of the security of the kingdom.

That knowledge was what Roland managed to retain as he felt fatigued.

His Knowledge increased by 2.