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Snippet #2200785

located in Prince's Tower, a part of Caged Bird, one of the many universes on RPG.

Prince's Tower

Your home and prison.


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Character Portrait: The Historian Character Portrait: Aleph Banton
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Day 1, Morning.

Dawn was peeking through Aleph's barred window as guard quite suddenly intruded upon his quiet world. Bowing, they greeted him with a slight reverence born for the deeds of his late grandfather.

β€œYour Highness!” They said in unison, straightening from their bows to salute. After a moment, the guard who seemed to be the leader of the group took it upon himself to explain what in hell was going on.

β€œPrince Aleph, your brother King Ferdinand have passed away in the war against the filthy Goulashians, leaving the throne empty for the taking and letting you free. We came here as soon as we could to warn you against your brother, as they will surely try to assassinate you to secure their claim to the throne. Be careful, and take this circlet as a proof of your royal status!” Said the man, gesturing to another guard holding a velvet cushion holding a magnificent circled holding the royal crest on it's bejewelled centre.

As Aleph accepted the circlet and tried to come to term to the various life changing facts being thrown his way, he was also presented with a hooded cloak. 'To leave your identity a mystery if you so wish' said the guard that handed him the garment.

β€œWhat do you wish do do this morning, Your Highness?” Said the first guard with admiration and worry in his dark eyes.