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located in Royal Library, a part of Caged Bird, one of the many universes on RPG.

Royal Library

The royal library is the most extensive source of knowledge of the kingdom.


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Character Portrait: The Historian Character Portrait: Aleph Banton
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Day 1, Midday

The guards smiled as they saluted their lord. β€œYes, your Highness!” Their enthusiastic resonated on the golden walls well after they started leading their prince to the Royal Library. As the party walked through the halls, various courtier sneered at the prince's shabby clothing, no doubt thinking that he was merely a mistress' son and therefore not worthy of respect.

Finally they reached richly decorated door that took the guards great effort to open. Inside was a grand library with thousands of tomes shelved in a grand circle encompassing the entirety of the tower's inner walls, with great windows providing light to the imposing library. Various librarians were busy at work, fawning over a young dark haired man with a similar circlet as the one around Aleph's throat on his brows. That must have been one of Aleph's brothers.

Catching the gaze of a few librarian, the older prince was soon seated on another desk than the one his younger half-brother occupied, himself also fawned over by the library's staff. As he was seated, various tomes were put under his nose, telling the history of the kingdom.

The kingdom was founded five hundred years ago by Gallant the First, a skilled naval general and even more skilled merchant that took over the peninsula and protected it from the various hostile tribes of the north. Amassing amazing wealth and power, he was crowned king after taking control of all the tribes present in the peninsula, a feat that earned him the adoration of his subject as he managed it without much bloodshed. The kingdom lived in peace for throw hundred years until the reign of Bernard II, a bloodthirsty warlord with a taste for conquest that earned himself quite a few enemies for a mere few acres of gained land.

The war carried on to the present day, no doubt getting even worse after King Fedinant IV's recent death by the Goulashians.

Trade routes were now few as the Kingdom of Goulash was the primary antagonist to the kingdom, forcing the Alders to trade exclusively by naval routes. The army seemed to be in need of new recruits as well.

All that cramming of information about his home left Aleph fatigued.

His foray into the library earned him 2 Knowledge points.