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located in Royal Library, a part of Caged Bird, one of the many universes on RPG.

Royal Library

The royal library is the most extensive source of knowledge of the kingdom.


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Character Portrait: Roland Windsor
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Roland Windsor

Roland would be lead through the winding corridors and passages. He would walk grand stair cases and pass through decorated door ways, it took longer than expected, but since this was his first taste of new scenery in a long time he didn't mind. Such a vast collection of knowledge excited him, he knew very well he would spend much of his time in this library, as an old saying goes, knowledge is power. While he didn't learn all that much, it would be enough to plan his next moves. The merchants would be a good ally, money is the blood of an empire, and any good ruler must know how to manage it. Perhaps Roland would hire one of the merchants to teach him the ways of trade, perhaps he could even arrange some trade routes with far off kingdoms. The warriors didn't interest him, they were simply soldiers afterall. The aristocrats would also make for lucrative allies, maybe he could marry into one of their families, or perhaps arrange a deal to gather their support.

He took care not to think ahead too much, he was still fatigued and he could feel it more now than ever. He figured after several hours of reading he deserved a break. Roland would call for one of the guards, he would order the guard to tell the palace chef to prepare lunch, he was feeling quite famished at the moment. Over the next few hours he would do something he hadn't done in weeks, write poetry. It was an unconventional skill, yes, but it is undervalued by most royalty. What can sway the hearts of maidens more than sublime poetry? It was an indirect means of gaining control, to make the daughter of a wealthy man fall in love with you, or the daughter of a shrewd politician, maybe even the daughter of another king entirely. Plus it would be much less taxing on his body.