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located in Alder Castle, a part of Caged Bird, one of the many universes on RPG.

Alder Castle

The royal castle of the Alder Kingdom.


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Character Portrait: The Historian Character Portrait: Aleph Banton
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Day 2, Evening

As the maid left to do as ordered, the tailors and his assistants entered the prince's chamber. Dressed at the height of fashion, those three cut an impressive figure. As the tailor looked upon his new client's attire, he tsked and clucked in displeasure, clearly not approving of the prince's choice of attire. Gesturing to his assistant to start the measurements, the man finally spoke.

"I am Eugene Sasburg, Your Highness, and I will not let you out of this room before you are clothed like a king!" The man said with a nearly manic glint in his eyes. "Bring the fabrics and equipment!" He ordered to a servant, adjusting his eyeglasses as he did so.

The following hours were surprisingly exhausting, with the prince having to stay still in increasingly uncomfortable positions while he was turned into a human shaped cloth hanger. Numerous exotic fabric were used, and even more numerous type of cuts were discussed and the Prince's wardrobe slowly increased to satisfy the tailor. The whole process took the entirety of the evening, but the prince though in the end that it was worth it.

He looked magnificent in his new clothes, after all!

Aleph was now Confident.

Aleph was now Fatigued