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located in Alder Castle, a part of Caged Bird, one of the many universes on RPG.

Alder Castle

The royal castle of the Alder Kingdom.


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Character Portrait: The Historian Character Portrait: Aleph Banton
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Day 2, Night

The feast was magnificent as always, and the bed as decadent as Aleph remembered as he fell asleep as soon as he touched the pillow. Then came the strange dreams, dreams of piracy and endless sea of various alcohol of all thing. He dreams he was the captain of a ship that was bound to a gigantic barrel of something he felt was precious but could not tell why he though such a thought. The dream was as strange as it was colourful and left the young man puzzled.
Dawn finally came after what seemed an eternity of alcohol, sea, crime and wenches that seemed to pop up all over the place.

As soon as the prince awoke, he was attacked by various type of clothings, a team of servants dressed him, combed his hair and washed his face and hair in an effort to make him look like a king-to-be. Then came the jewellery and his circlet that now throned on his brow like a crown, all polished and glinting in the faint morning light. After what seemed hours but were mere minutes, the man was presented with a particularly splendid breakfast of baked goods, hot chocolate and even a small roast of sucking pig. Wolfing down his meal with relish, the prince was once again cleaned up and pushed to the castle's main balcony, where his brothers and the kingdom's chamberlain awaited.

A whole garrison of guard was protecting them and keeping an eye on any trouble, as asked by the prince, all shining in polished heavy armour or spotless leather jerkins. Soon, the courtyard below was filled by citizen and the Presentation started.

The Chamberlain cleared his throat and started speaking.

A small squad of Goulashians attacked from their previous hiding place under the balcony.

Aleph is no longer Fatigued.

Aleph is no longer Hopeful.