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Snippet #2202630

located in Alder Castle, a part of Caged Bird, one of the many universes on RPG.

Alder Castle

The royal castle of the Alder Kingdom.


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Character Portrait: The Historian Character Portrait: Roland Windsor
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Day 2, Night

The physician worked quickly and competently, washing the prince's feet in a warm water basin brought by servant and applying a strange salve to his feet. Soon enough the Prince's feet were bandaged and Roland fast asleep, his sleep too exhausted for dreams of any kind.

The morning dawned like it was a mere second later, the Prince still feeling fatigued but far better than when he fell into bed the night prior. Breakfast was brought and eaten swiftly. Then came the time for the Presentation as Roland was washed, perfumed and clothed into his new princely apparels to be shown to the whole kingdom.

Led to the castle's balcony, the prince moment of glory was interrupted by a small squad of Goulashians attacking from below...

Roland is no longer Peaceful

Roland is now Fatigued

Roland is no longer Wounded