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located in Alder Castle, a part of Caged Bird, one of the many universes on RPG.

Alder Castle

The royal castle of the Alder Kingdom.


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Character Portrait: Roland Windsor Character Portrait: Aleph Banton
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Roland Windsor

Roland put on his best smile for the presentation, trying to look as noble and gallant as possible. However a blood curdling cry interrupted the event. From the balcony Roland could see a squad of Goulashian warriors attacking, they fought the guards and observers alike. He was shocked to say the least, and was even more shocked that he was defensleess. What could he do besides flee? He could see that Aleph had already grabbed a sword, and from what he said it sounded as if he was going to fight along the guards. Though he didn't know Aleph in any sense, he would not leave him to fend off the Goulashians with just a handful of guards at his back, besides, what good is a king that cannot lay down his blood for his people? Roland would turn to one of his brothers, "Find any available guards you can, send them here. I'll help with the defense." And with that Roland made his way down to the ground where the fight was located. Even though he wasn't very strong or sturdy like Aleph, he was nimble and quick on his feet, he didn't plan to get into the thick of it too much.

Once on the ground level with his brother Aleph, Roland would sprint over to a nearby fallen Goulashian, grabbing his hatchet and wooden buckler. The hatchet was probably even better than the swords he was used to using, it was small enough to promote quick attacks. He felt the wooden handle and tried to center his balance, steady his body aswell as his mind. From the front a Goulashian woud cut down one of the guards, blood spurtting all over his face as he charged forwards towards Roland. It was frightening, but blood was starting to pump through his body, his heart raced. Similar to Aleph, he liked it. Roland could predict the Goulashian soldier's attack, his arm was slightly back as if he was going to strike with a vertical slash. Roland hopped back, avoiding the attack by a goot foot or two. Fear flooded his body, the flight for fight instinct urging him to flee, but he wouldn't. Even though he wasn't a warrior at heart, he wasn't a coward. Summoning up all of his bravery Roland would lunge forth, the Goulashian man still unstable from his last attack. It was an openning, and a big one at that.

This Goulashian wasn't exactly skilled, he seemed to fuel his attacks with rage only to leave himself open afterwards. Roland with aim a horozontal slash at the enemy soldier's neck where his skin was exposed. Roland's hatchet lodged itself into the man's neck, and he fell to his knees. Roland would pull the hatchet from his neck, blood spurtting all over him and the groun around him. His eyes widened, he had killed a man for the first time. This feeling...This feeling...It...

It felt great.

Roland kicked the Goulashian in the chest, causing him to fall back to bleed out on the ground. Adrenaline rushed through his body, he regrouped with Aleph, following him and watching his back, whether he chose to flee or fight.