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located in Earth, a part of Paranormal Lovers, one of the many universes on RPG.




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We're jumping 2 weeks forward in time. What you want to do with that, is up to you. Free reins on this skip.

Claire Parker.

The shout rang out clearly in the small bar from a group of young guys in the corner. They were out pre-drinking before some party, she had gathered, and they were already pretty deep into the beer. Fortunately that was all they were drinking. Usually hard alcohol caused problems with the younger crowd. Although Claire was only 24 herself, she oftentimes felt much older when people her own age walked into her bar. Mostly because they acted so… immaturely. It made her think of Sapphire, a sister she loved, sure, but not her role model in any way. Perhaps because she often felt like she was the older one, but then again, there was only about a year’s age difference between the two. The raven-haired woman smiled to herself, her gaze moving from the group and two a trio of blond women, all gorgeous by most estimates – one reminded her of Haven, the way she looked so timid compared to the others.

Claire herself was standing behind the bar, not really doing much. The place was pretty quiet on most nights; not a lot happened, but she got by, and that was all she wanted. Or… well, it hadn’t been quiet the night Narek had stepped into her bar. Ah, yes, Narek. She was so confused by him and with him. Clearly the man was violent and delusional, but the way he had been calmed so easily when she had told him off was so unusual, it had intrigued the young female and she’d ended up calming down too. Honestly she didn’t know what she would’ve done if he’d gotten pissed at her instead. Most temperamental, big guys, didn’t appreciate being told off by some woman. But she had been out of options; he had been about to wreak her bar, and income of not, it was in no way big enough to repair that kind of damage, and insurance didn’t cover everything.

And then there was the fact that he had saved her from being gang raped that night. She still wondered why he’d even been around. Had he been following her? Or had he just randomly been near? Claire never really believes in coincidences, though, so she was having a hard time convincing herself the delusional male had not been stalking her. The thought sent chills down her spine, yet part of her wasn’t afraid of him. Part of her suspected he wouldn’t do anything to hurt her in particular. Maybe it was just the way he had settled down that night they had first met, or maybe it was something else. Instinctual? It could be. Although Claire wasn’t all that keen on trusting said instinct. She was completely mystified by the strange male, which meant she was entirely conflicted in all ways. Part of her wanted to see him again, to solve the enigma, while another part of her wanted never to see him again, not wishing the extra complications.

She had enough to deal with, what with Sapphire being MIA for the last 3 weeks. Claire was really worried, and she had reported it to the police, seeing as she hadn’t showed up for work either. It wasn’t like Sapphire. Claire and Haven were the two people in the world Sapphire would do anything to keep from worrying about her, so the fact that she had not returned a single call, was astounding and disturbing at the same time.

A nice looking middle-aged couple were sitting by the bar, talking to Lily, the only hired bartender working tonight, other than Claire herself of course, and caught up in her own world, Claire hadn’t at first noticed the fact that a male was asking for a drink. When the sound of fist against counter hit her ears, however, Claire turned her gaze, wide eyed with surprise. “Oh, right, I was…” she began, focusing on him, but he interrupted her, clearly in a bad mood. Oh, he was one of those customers.
“I don’t give a shit, bitch, just give me a whiskey.” He snarled, causing Claire to raise her eyebrows. This was her bar. She didn’t take shit normally, and definitely not in her own bar. Who did this guy think he was?
“I would much rather you leave my bar, sir. I’m sure many other places would be willing to serve you a whiskey.” She said, remaining polite, but her voice was cold. She really needed to invest in some kind of muscle power if this kept happening to her.

He was a man of normal height, with light brown, thinning hair, a thin pointy nose, and full lips framed by a light layer of stubble. His build was lean – obviously the type to practice sports of some kind, but his eyes were sunk a bit too deeply into his skull, and they were a mushy green colour. A scar marred his right cheek, and a smaller one adorned his left eyebrow, leaving a small line without hair right in the middle of it. His stance, however, was what worried Claire the most. He looked ready to jump, so when he narrowed his eyes at her, leaning forward in a threatening manner, she took a deep breath, steeling her resolve.
“I’m sure there is, but I happen to want one here. Now, give me one.” His eyes were glinting with a half-mad light, so Claire glanced at Lily for a second, knowing that standing up to this guy was only going to get her two things; a lot of scars and a wrecked bar.

Lily ran off, most likely calling the police, and Claire carefully poured a glass of whiskey, putting it in front of the guy. When she turned to leave, however, he grabbed her wrist, casting her a wry smile. “You’re not going anywhere, sweetheart,” he told her, his tone deceitfully sweet. Claire took a deep breath, closing her eyes briefly before opening them again. The cops would hopefully be there soon, so she merely nodded, biting her lower lip. Sometimes she really wanted to be a guy, because although Claire abhorred violence, she knew guys weren’t treated this way because they appeared more threatening. Claire, however, was not that big a woman at all. Thinking about it, perhaps she was in the wrong business here. Or maybe she was simply right about needing to hire some muscle. Yep, she needed a bouncer of some sort. It was stupid though, because this was only a small bar, and it used to be quiet and friendly.