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located in Trashtown, a part of The Multiverse, one of the many universes on RPG.


It is the home to the rebellion. The name speaks for itself, as it is a town made of what seems to be mounds and mounds of trash. What one sees in Trashtown is the essence of organized madness. Whole apartments and buildings are built underneath the trash, and among it all are trades for parts and weapons to fuel the rebel army. Inventors, merchants, and mercenaries often visit the disguised sanctuary. It is home to both criminals and heroes.


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"All-terrain? Oh, funny. A wheelchair just looks funny in my head. You're thinking oldtime. You're not on Terra." she spoke as she sneaked down what barely looked like an alleyway. It was so narrow that Josai's shoulders nearly brushed the walls of trash on either side.

"ATW. Adaptable Terrain Walkers. If you couldn't even guess that much...I'm afraid of what your reaction is going to be."

She glanced up at the sky, which had become very narrow for the fifty foot walls closed in on them. There were three white moons above, the first just peaking the horizon.

As they came to the end of the alley, Austin would find a domed ceiling reaching over them, cold, and smooth, and metallic from underneath. Above, it just carried the appearance of another floor of garbage.

Josai put her fingers between her lips, and blew hard, a single, pure note ringing out across the dome. She leaned her hand onto a pile of scrap metal and grime that lay next to her. "You're going to meet someone special to me. Austin, this is Tyst."

It was very sudden, the disabling of the ATW's chameleon shield. One moment, there was only a small pile of waste that Josai had decided to lean against, and the next...

It was a...machine. What seemed to be a very large motorcycle, sleek, black, with the head of a giant cat no doubt as large as a Sabertooth, with the paws gripping the wheels on either side, keeping them in place.

But it didn't stop there! The eyes of the machine lit up, shining a dim blue, and the thing transformed. The wheels disappeared into the main body, the paws landed softly on the ground, and the head lifted up, turned, and stared at Austin hauntingly.

"This is an ATW." said Josai, smiling. She snapped, and the canopy on top opened, revealing the cockpit. Large enough for two people.

"A biomachine."