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located in Tablet of the Divines, a part of Atlantean Sanctuary, one of the many universes on RPG.

Tablet of the Divines



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Character Portrait: Calandra
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Calandra admired the astounding scenery of Atlantis, her blue hooded cape hung gracefully in neat overlaps, comforting her as she studied on her balcony. She had been granted the emblem of priestess of Poseidon, her mission to spread the worship of Poseidon and his glory wherever she could, since being granted her emblem she gained access to the sacred temple. Calandra studied many things, but she treasured the ancient gift of sorcery, passed down from many generations of priests. Atlantis is the last place to have knowledge of sorcery, as empires shave fallen the people have forgotten the way of sorcery and magic. The library in the temple of Atlantis has many scrolls and parchments of sorcery, Calandra had picked a specific scroll on the levitation of the elements in which she was hoping to master. The emperor of the Atlantean empire, Siphon was a fair and just ruler who made it his life to ensure the empire was prosperous; we traded our goods with other empires and helped each other in times of conflict.

Calandra put the scroll on the stone table beside her.

"I must eat if I'm to work" she thought.

She made her way to the one of the market squares in hope she might find someone selling fresh fish or vegetables, people came here to see many things in which to make a living, many people who were selling were foreigners from the many allies of Atlanta. There was the honey scented quinces from Greece, the white shimmering pottery from the might Egyptians and exotic fruits called bananas from the mighty tribes of Africa. She finally made her decision to buy a quince imported from Greece, a golden fruit with a honey taste, often given as an offering to Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty. She walked up the staircase while eating, listening to her surroundings, appreciating nature, noticing the trees that grew in the cracks of rock.

"Blessing to you".

Amunet greeted her as she came in. She bowed her head, as if she gave respect and esteem.

"Why do you bow to me?"

"Why, you are the new high priestess, are you not?" The lady had black eyeliner applied; she was tall and particularly skinny. She had golden beads in her long black hair, and she wore a white hooded cloak.

"I am, yes, although I did not expect High Priest Zoticus would honour me with such a title".

Amunet started to walk away. "Me neither".

Calandra advanced into a grand marble room, supported by pillars. A water feature was in the centre of the room giving a relaxed sound of trickling, perfect for concentration.

"Welcome Calandra" said the High Priest Zoticus. He was of old age and deteriorating as the years went by. He had many religious symbols painted on his face and was well known for his thoughtfulness and mastery of conjuration magic.

"Greetings, blessings to you". Calandra was unsure of what to say, she remembered why she had come.

"I came here in hope to find out why I was granted such a title of honour" she said.

"Mainly it's because you deserve the title and seem to have traits of kindness, perceptiveness and generosity" he reacted, "I have watched you grow up Calandra, I know your character well and I trust you will serve the emperor well".

"May the gods bestow you with health, blessings" Calandra was stunned by what he thought of her, no one had ever called her kind.

He led her to his chambers. "I have a gift" he handed her a staff which was standing up against the corner of the wall. "It is a staff, found in a cavern under the ocean, I'm not exactly sure what its purpose is, but I had a vision that you must own it". The Staff was made out of an unknown wood, and had mystic symbols carved into it, it was slightly crooked at the bottom and it was topped with a large green gem.

"I'm not sure what this staff is, it does annoy me, all I know is that it's yours", he said without hesitation.

Calandra bowed to show her appreciation. "Divines praise you".

Calandra left, she made her way back to her recently acquired chambers in the west of the royal Atlantean Palace. There were guards standing outside her chambers. "Good afternoon" the guard on her left side said as she passed. Her new chambers were equipped with everything she longed for. A room filled with alchemy ingredients and potions. Calandra had an interest in Alchemy since she was young, she loved how simple herbs could cure people of illnesses. She would read scrolls and test her potions on her friends.