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Character Portrait: Paolo Kuromori
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Paolo was walking down the road, when he saw a place that was filled with people with... With... DRAGON WHIPS!! The newest game system!! his friends were saying that when they had a try, It was awesome! Going into the shop made him feel weird.There were rows of video games, people walking everywhere, and... Testing for the dragon whip! It was lucky that he came, because the line wasn't that long. He saw people in suits from Naruto, Halo, Pokemon, and FMA. Then he saw a guy in the corner of his eye about to play that looked like Greed from FMA without glasses, and some people that looked like geeks next to him."Hmm, seems like you need a controller to play." He was next to the front desk, and asked if he could borrow a controller. "sure, as long as you keep it In mint condition." said the clerk. "Thanks." He didn't know what was coming, but he wanted it anyway. Waiting. Waiting. He saw people on the screen, like Kratos or Master chief and Goku.
But it wasn't like a controller, but the player was like the avatar!