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located in Earth, a part of Paranormal Lovers, one of the many universes on RPG.




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james Dylor

He'd tried every possible way he could think of. If he couldn't find a working way to get word to her soon he'd have to leave, find some place where he could have some semblance of a new opportunity to be a human. Maybe even a lower middle class human at some point. The small amount of money he'd amassed had been gone in an instant, lost to the endless slough of survival. He was living off the local soup kitchen and the homeless shelter at the moment, but he didn't think he could live that way for much longer. He was a worker by nature, and he was going mad trying to find a job. He wasn't used to the human world. He didn't have any school credits, or any kind of resume to find a job, since it had been a very long time since he'd been in school, and he only looked to be fresh out of high school. No one would believe that he'd been out of school for over fifty years. How long had it been now? He couldn't even remember most of his very young years, when he still lived with his mother.

he sat on a bench at the very edge of the park. He stared fixedly at the ground, tugging on his fingers as he worried. He'd carved out an hour from everyday to sit and wait and hope Belle would come. He'd tried as many ways as he could thing of to communicate with her, send some kind of note or something, but he couldn't return to the manor. It was dangerous to even try. But he did want to see Belle again, and thank her. The last time he'd seen her she'd been unconscious, right after she saved him from death. He was still a bit irked about the whole matter, he'd be over and done if things had happened like they were supposed to happen, but then again, maybe this was the way things were supposed to happen. He had been allowed to go back to being a human. He didn't like to think of it as being banished, that sounded negative, and he needed to keep his spirits up as much as he could.

Mostly because his nerves and his belly were hell bent on banding together and dragging him down. The single meal a day and not nearly enough sleep coupled with obsessive worrying was not doing much for his psyche or his health. And somehow in his mind Belle was supposed to fix things. At the very least, after he thanked her and satisfied his guilt on that front he could go and try to make a meaningful living with the hundred and hundreds of years hopefully left in his lifespan. Never mind that he'd have to start over every five or ten years because his body simply didn't age like a human's would and he didn't need anyone becoming suspicious, it was a new start, and new life.

The lad forced himself to slowly relax into the bench, he needed to not work himself up too much. If she had gotten the note, if she was coming, then he'd get to see her and things would be as they were meant to be. But if she didn't then that was how things would have to be, and he would have to let go and leave. He'd forget eventually anyway. Instead of worrying his fingers, James switched to fiddling with the hem of his shirt. Because of the soup kitchen, he hadn't had to worry about food, so he spent the money he had on clothes from the Goodwill just down the street from the park. He had no registration or anything as a homeless person at the time, and foolishly hadn't pressed for anything and just found a couple fifty-cent T-shirts and a pair of jeans to wear. He looked scruffy, not to mention tired, and he was slumped in the seat, just like a normal teenage boy. All he was missing was headphones or a cell phone. Shaking off some of the mannerisms had been difficult, but James found himself slowly relaxing back into the much gentler clasp of human life, even if it was toilsome and wearying.

It was better to be a little hungry and tired, but not worrying that death was just around the corner if he wasn't perfect or just plain unlucky at the moment. He could manage. Maybe even flourish. Someday. But one step at a time, and that first step was Belle. That thank you and most-likely good-bye would be difficult, but he'd manage. For his future. And for her, so she wouldn't worry. She could continue on her life as well. If she was even worried. He was struck with another pang of doubt, and other worry that Belle had received one of his correspondences but was ignoring him, maybe she'd had a change of heart, she didn't want to talk to some stupid half-ling human.

But that would just have to be the ay it was. whatever it was. And he'd have to deal with it, like he had to deal with everything that was thrown at him.