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located in The City of Sancta, a part of Heart and Soul, one of the many universes on RPG.

The City of Sancta



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Character Portrait: Darius Zhu Character Portrait: Tara Connolly Character Portrait: Arsen Hacket Character Portrait: Nyth Ravencraft
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Tara Connolly

A swift jab to the man's left cheek bone left him scrambling and defeated on the ground. Tara's unforgiving gaze rested on him, assessing him carefully to assure that the lesson she had intended had been accurately taught.

"Let that be a warning to you," she began cooly, "That I expect all deliveries to arrive promptly and expressly to my doorstep. Is that understood?" The man, still trembling from the final, harsh blow and the several that had come before it, nodded his head furiously. He had been charged with delivering a package that Tara had ordered a few hours before, and it had arrived an hour later than she had expected. Even though it was not the delivery man's fault but rather the company's, the man was obviously of lower status and most likely deserved the punishment anyways. "Very well, then. Off you trot." The man scampered quickly away, rubbing his face as he fled.

With a newly-refreshed feeling of superiority, Tara glided over to where the package had been placed before the fiasco and picked it up. Despite her rather harsh and violent nature, she delicately sliced at the edges of the package with her laser pocket knife. Once the aluminum box had been opened appropriately, she gently lifted the edges of the lid until the desired object was clearly visible. Inside was a pair of sapphire-encrested earrings laced with silver embellishments. Pleased enough with this, she quickly put the earrings in. It was always a pride of hers to look her best, even if her job did require exertion and physical prowess. Why couldn't one be pretty and powerful?

But, with the frivolities of the day taken care of, it was now time to do her work. She had already gotten into "uniform" for the day, though hers differed from the average police officer's, of course. She chose to wear a royal blue, military-esque jacket embroidered with gold thread. The shoulders of it were large, showing her authority and malice. The buttons were also gold, with elegant designs that depicted several showings of power and justice. The pants she wore were more simple, a black tight-fitting brand that allowed her curves to be accentuated. She wore black military boots as well, that were well-equipped for running. The bottoms were metal, and she had learned that they could easily break the bones of someone else's face. Her hair was thrown back into a sufficient ponytail, though ribbons were tied around it to add a sort of flair. No matter how many embellishments she wore, she always looked intimidating to those below her, and even those equal to her. Her face always seemed to bare a slight smile, no matter the situation, and the smile was almost always a false one that her face just naturally acquired. Her icy blue eyes, however, always told the truth; they seemed calculating and cunning at all times, and sometimes would shower those that they looked upon with violent intents. Some liked to describe her as the "Child of Hell" for her false innocent look.

She ascended the grand stair case of her home (although it really wasn't particularly grand; it just happened to be in the foyer and was the main stair case of the house) and headed towards her office. She walked in and placed herself at the metallic desk; everything in the room was stream-lined and efficient. All-in-all, it could be described as an effectively official space. Taking a seat, she turned on the surface of the desk (which was a touch-compatible computer screen of sorts) and began quickly flicking reports from her subordinate officers. She quickly found the most important ones, compiled them into a report, and sent them to Lord Darius and Lady Nyth. The reports mainly consisted of somewhat trivial things; the consistency of crime rates, the capital punishments and other deaths that had been reported in the day, and so on and so forth. However, she managed to put special emphasis on things that could be or seemed to be related to any Junsya activity.

For obvious reasons, Tara was very fascinated and similarly plagued by the actions of the Junsya. Every victory of theirs was a loss of hers, and she did not take losing lightly. She had made it a personal duty of hers to seek out members of Junsya and destroy them. She had already personally executed a few people who had been supposed members of the Junsya.

Having finished the reports to the Leaders of City Council, she found time for a more personal request. She clicked a pin on the cuff of her jacket, which activated a communication device which gave her direct communication with her servants. "Arsen, bring me a salad. And see if you can find the name of the man that delivered my package today, too; I'm going to contact his company and see about having him fired for being late."

Arsen Hacket was one of her servants, and one of the ones that she was more "fond" of, if that word could be used. It wasn't necessarily fondness, but rather that she didn't dislike him as much as most of the other servants. He seemed like he would make a good Chi, someday. She would actually most likely even pay for his surgery, if he asked nicely. Still, all of her servants had received punishments at some point, and most received them on a somewhat regular basis. She was truly heartless when it came to punishing her servants. A few had even died from infections from injuries which she had given to them. (Though, of course, the medical reports would never say such things.) She quickly thought of one more thing. "And let Niall into my office when you bring the salad."

Niall was Tara's pride and joy; a beagle at three years of age. If Tara could be said to "love" anything, it was certainly that dog. He was the one thing that she would protect unto the ends of the Earth, besides the society which she served. He was always happy and a fiery little pup, much like Tara was before her operation. It was always a requirement of hers to find the time to play with him.