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Hermes takes the seat opposite her as he begins to examine the chess pieces, highlighting almost instantly on the figure of himself. "A pawn? Figures."
Athena gives a slight chuckle as she starts to reply "Ah they are always underestimated, yet one of the most imp--" but is cut off by the scene at the other side of the room.

"Either you come with me right now, or you'll regret it Persephone. I swear by the River Styx, you will regret it." the voice of Demeter shrieks loudly just before their dispute escalates into a full scale cat-fight. Athena sighs softly, shaking her head in disappointment.

"I'm not getting involved with hair pulling." she heard Hermes say but before she could reply to his comment he'd turned back towards the mother and daughter and had begun egging them on, as he was ever one to give conflict a little nudge in the wrong direction. Though he did turn back towards her a moment later with a question "You gonna go break them up sis?"

The grey-eyed goddess shook her head slowly before answering "I would if needed but their conflict will be short lived so my intervention is not needed as Persephone dares not give her lover cause to threaten her mother and Demeter honestly does not expect her daughter to fight back. Their fight will most likely result in both sides standing down before any real harm comes of it, at least physical harm that is."

Her right hand lightly directing her brothers attention to how Demeter was now standing as still as a statue while Persephone attempted to hide her scratches "See, our family feuds always end with neither side gaining much ground." she smiles at him and laughs at the simplicity of their sister and aunt's conflict "As I was saying, everyone always underestimates the pawn. Simply because it does not seem as powerful or useful as the pieces behind it but without pawns the game would lose its edge. They are able to bring back strong queens to help their player conquer and if used correctly mean the difference between success and defeat. Just because your likeness was used for this set does not make your place within the family or on the board any less valuable little brother." she smiles warmly, which is a slightly strange emotion to be coming from the goddess

"However it is now on a knife's edge whether a war begins that will escalate or a truce will be brokered for this evening. Perhaps I will have to intervene." She shrugs slightly before shaking her head "Family drama aside, your move first brother."