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Aphrodite reached for the door handle, about to walk into their fathers mansion when she felt Ares freeze beside her, turning her head slightly the blonde gave him a confused look as a rather unflattering sound escaped the god of wars lips "your husband is here" he scowled, face glowing with fury.

The blondes lips curled up into an amused smirk as a raspy laugh escape her throat "Don't be ridiculous" she dismissed with a wave of her hand, Hephaestus never left his workshop, why would he start now? Although something on Ares face cause her smirk to falter, watching after him as he stalked back down the stairs. She followed, concerned. "You go in first. He probably doesn't even know we're here." Aphrodite sighed, running a frustrated hand through her blonde locks, she hated having to hide their relationship, well not that they needed to, everyone and their mothers knew her and Ares were lovers, they had been for centuries. Whatever emotions she felt towards her 'husband' he didn't deserve her and Ares relationship flaunted in front of him; in defeat the goddess nodded with a sigh "Okay" she uttered on a breath, turning back to go into the house.

Hearing heavy footsteps behind her, Aphrodite turned back around, just in time for Ares to take her hands in his; something in the way his thumbs gently rubbed over knuckles calmed her immediately. "Just give me another kiss. Just one more before I'm forced to hear my retarded sister preach to me about how weak and dumb she is. I don't think I could survive this dinner without it, but you better bet your ass I'm gonna have you tonight. I hope you've been practicin' your yoga 'cause I'm gonna have you sore in the morning."

"So vulgar" the blonde rolled her eyes in mock disgust before a smile crept onto her lips "but I'll hold you to that promise" Aphrodite whispered into his ear whilst wrapping her arms around his neck in time with his hands coming to rest on her hips, his lips lightly playing against hers "and you call me a tease" she managed to groan before his lips attacked her with much more ferocity, Fuck the meal.

She was lost in the moment until she felt Ares lips retract from her "What?" She asked breathlessly "Get your hands of my wife!" came a loud roar, that immediately answered her question, Hephaestus. A large hand collided with Ares chest, breaking the lovers apart with force.

Aphrodite finally turned to face her husband, shock etched on her beautiful face, he was definitely not as she remembered, infact if it hadn't of been for the iron leg she probably wouldn't have recognised him. In too much of a daze, the goddess only snapped back into reality when Hephaestus spoke to her directly "Aphrodite; we must talk. I know that you've been seeing Ares behind my back. Why? I have given you everything. There isn't a jewel on this earth that he could give you that would ever be as immaculate as the ones that come from my forge."

For a moment she was speechless, he almost looked like a love sick puppy, she pitied him "That's because I give her a different kind of jewel." Came Ares reply, causing her head to snap round in his direction "Ares please!" She snapped at his childish comeback before turning back towards the smithing god, although the arguing between brothers did not stop; watching impatiently as insults were exchanged between the two until the small thread holding back her temper finally snapped "Enough! Both of you!" She snapped loudly placing herself in front of both men "This is neither the time or the place for such conversations..."

"Boys" A cool voice echoed out over the crisp night sky, Hera,Aphrodite immediately stiffened, her featured hardening "the meal is about to begin so it's best to get inside soon." Hera continued before turning her attention onto the blonde "If you're done toying with my children's affections, perhaps you'd like to join us as well Aphrodite?"

Anger welled up immediately, her top lip curling into a scowl, eyes narrowing "Now you play the dutiful mother" she retorted, turning back to the brothers although she could still feel Hera's eyes running over her, judging her "We should go inside" she spoke softly; not directed to a certain person as she turned quickly on her heel, definitely should have stayed in Figi.