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Snippet #2229228

located in Medieval Europe (Years Unknown), a part of The Tale of Immortali, one of the many universes on RPG.

Medieval Europe (Years Unknown)

The sky is dark... The stench of blood can be smelled almost everywhere... The death cries of many, including children and women, echo still...


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Character Portrait: Asher Character Portrait: Aella Rayn Tempest Character Portrait: Dark Asher Character Portrait: Vega 'Pax' Endzela
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(OOC: Nope, not at all! :3)

"I shouldn't have been so... rude to you Aella, my long years alone have made me a little less of a champion. However I ask that you forgive me, and is there still a possibility of us becoming friends? There were pictures of me?" "It would be a privillage to befriend you. After all, we are alies now, right? Perhaps we can find another picture. I'm sure there is a paint or two somewhere. Perhaps when this war is won we can find it." Aella said, heartened. But Pax surprised her when she leaned forward and whispered in Aella's ear, "The two stones... were where my babies laid in eternal sleep... if I find where they were, I could take you to visit them... after all, it is the least I can do for someone whom showed me respect even though I was rude. I can at least try and share this with the younger generation... so to speak." Aella smiled sadly, touching Pax's hand gently in away a close friend would. "I would love to go and mourn with you."

Asher's story about his great victory over evil pulled Aella's focus from Pax to him just as he was wrapping his tale up. "...I still have his ashes today. Oh, and I got this pain in the ass as a reward for killing the Devil's Immortali as well." Asher added, raising his hand and closing his eyes for a moment. Shadows began to move and Asher said with a note of sacrasm, "Say hello to... My annoying twin brother... Dark Asher." Suddenly a dark form, supposedly Dark Asher, leapt foreward and stabbed a tree just a few feet behind Aella with a shout, making her gasp in surprise and leap away. Instantly her bow was in hand and an arrow aimed at the newcomer's heart, a sharp pain shooting through her arm, until Aella realized he wasn't a threat and the weapons vanished.

"YAAA- Wait... Asher, damnit! at least let me into the battle first!" Dark Asher exclaimed, then caught sight of Pax, pulling his sword out of the tree trunk and sheathing it. "Well heeeeeelloooooooo there, miss..." the Dark Side said, bowing over dramtically. "How do you do in this fine ev-" Suddenly there was a gust of wind and a branch snapped, falling directly onto Dark Asher's head. Aella's eyes slid to Asher who looking very annoyed and she guessed the branch hadn't given out on it's own. "Dark Asher, Pax. Pax, my annoying dark side. He's an idiot and is very flirtious... In fact, he's pathetically flirtious and horny around women. Aella, you might want to move back as well if you want to protect what's precious to you most."

Aella's eyes went wide and her arm came up to cover her breasts as if Dark Asher could see directly through her clothes, then took a step or two back away from the darker form. "Hey! I take offense to that!" Then Dark Asher yelled at Asher before turning the Pax and wrapping his hand around her wrist. Aella's eyes went wider than they already were and her mouth opened slightly, yet no words of warning came out. He obviously had no idea who Pax was. "Now... why don't you and me go out and have a good time, eh?" Asher seemed to be grinding his teeth, but said nothing either, so Aella held her tongue with great restraint. Though she didn't recognize it, there was a small feeling deep within her heart where the dark smug in her soul resided; and it was reatching for this shadow.