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located in The United States Mid-West, a part of The Will to Survive:The Armageddon Initiative, one of the many universes on RPG.

The United States Mid-West



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Character Portrait: Tsukiko "Tsu" Kiriko
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A few hours later Tsu had woken up with a pounding on the iron door, it was dark out and she had picked up a jacket that was left in the room, it was a sleek black jacket that was very loose on her, but it fit for the most part. She didn't know what to expect with this creature of the night. The heat was off and it was damn cold, and picking up her sword and Fire axe felt like she was lifting ice. Tsu ignored it, she had to, and before she got to the door, the window shattered and bodies started to fall in by the fives and she knew it, a horde found her she near panicked but drew her sword, and fought to secure her way out, there was no other way out but through the walls. She had to, and she closed and locked the door to the restroom and pulled out her fire axe as the walkers started to beat the door down, by the time she got through the wall, they had made a large hole in the door and were coming through. she was in the next room and didn't bother with the door and just went through the window and started to run again. This time, for her life. The horde was too large for her to fight. She had to.