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located in The United States Mid-West, a part of The Will to Survive:The Armageddon Initiative, one of the many universes on RPG.

The United States Mid-West



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Barnaby awoke, startled out of his mind as his head impacted the steering wheel in front of him, followed by the horn blaring for a moment before he jerked his head back. He looked around frantically, grabbing Pippy while sitting up looking for the threat that wasn't actually there. Figuring that out, Barnaby swore as he looked down at the steering wheel before setting Pippy back down in the passenger seat. He glanced outside, hoping to get a good idea on how long he had been asleep, but he gave up a few moments later as he truly had no idea. Stretching out his arms, letting his shoulders and back pop as he did so before he glanced around once more. He was happy he had found this car unlocked, and even better in that there was a comfortable brown jacket that fit him even if it was a little small; it was better than nothing. Unfortunately, the jacket was the only thing he was able to find, as the previous owners must have taken whatever they could when leaving the broken down vehicle. They probably left the jacket behind in a rush, based on the fact the car was unlocked and they had even left the keys in the ignition. To bad it was missing a battery; Barnaby assumed somebody must have taken it during their own looting, for whatever purpose they had decided on.

Sighing, Barnaby leaned back in his seat while staring out the front window. He wondered where all these people had ran too, hell he wondered where he was even heading. He'd always been horrible with directions, and he had to admit he had been too stupid to grab himself a map before he had set out on his little cross country trip. Course he had been at his small apartment once all of this happened, and he was first introduced to a zombie by it attempting to gobble him up after smashing his front door down. He forgot how he had even manged to kill it, but afterwards he grabbed his rucksack, clothes and then had made his way outside into the chaos in the streets. Once he had realized his home wasn't safe, he then set out on his journey with his multi-tool and knife. After picking up Pippy form the firehouse and getting the hell out of town, his journey had officially begun.

It had been three months since that day, and he had himself a decent kill count in zombies. Too bad he had also tallied up a decent amount regarding bandits, looters, lunatics, and non-zombie-cannibals. Things had really gone to hell in a hand-basket and did so faster than he would have imagined. Sometimes he wondered how he was still alive, especially considering his favorite hobby was smashing zombies over the head. Maybe he was just one of the luckiest men alive.

Glancing at one of the side mirrors, he had then noticed a young woman was walking along the highway. He glanced further over his shoulder to get a better look at the blonde haired woman walking by. Still not able to, Barnaby then quickly gathered up his gear, and with Pippy in hand stepped out of the car while keeping an eye on her. He wasn't sure yet if she was one of them or not, but if she wasn't then it certainly wouldn't hurt to finally meet a not-zombie. Glancing around to make sure he wasn't going to be ambushed by a hidden one, he then turned back to face the woman. He sharply and loudly banged Pippy on the hood of the car to gain her attention, "Hope you aren't one of them miss. It'd be oh so enjoyable to finally see a friendly face." he called out as he slowly made his way towards her.