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The United States Mid-West



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(GM storyline post)

"NO please! I didn't mean to walk out with the milk and the bread I swear! Please!" The man squealed as two soldier’s drug him out of the small grocery store by his arms out onto the cold Minneapolis streets. People on the streets turned the other way, but a good dozen or so stopped and watched as four military men escorted the man out of the store.

"I'm sure that it was all just a big mistake." The man with the Sergeant’s stripes said sarcastically as they pulled the man right out into the middle of the street. The sergeant wiped his uniform that his last name, Conrad, was printed across in neat letters. The soldiers almost blended into the snow on account of their grey, urban camouflage that was now the new color scheme for the United States army posted in the country.

The forced the man onto his knees and held him up by his arms as the Sergeant looked around at the people who starred on at him. There was an apartment complex not to far from his and people were watching from almost every window. “I swear! Please!” The man pleaded

“Lying will get you no where, Mr….” Sergeant Conrad trailed off as he looked the man straight in his terrified eyes. The man was so frightened that he wasn’t even paying attention to the bitter cold snow that was seeping through his pant legs.

“My name is Scott Robins.” The man replied, trying to hide the amount of fear that was filling his very soul

“Well Scott Robins, we have a very delicate system going on here. And when people like you come along it threatens the very delicate way of life we are trying to maintain here.” Sergeant Conrad hissed at the man who looked at him wide eyed.

“Daddy!” A small voice screamed from the sidewalk and then came running over with a tall brunette woman wearing a tan coat and jeans right on her heels.

“Scott!” the woman yelled as the soldier who was not holding Scott grabbed the little girl and pushed the woman back

“My girls!” Scott yelled as he tried to pull away from the soldiers who held him still

“Get them out of here!” Sergeant Conrad screamed as he waved his hand in a moving gesture. The soldier forced the little girl into the woman’s arms and forced her to turn around and move behind the crowd where he kept her. Sergeant Conrad turned around and looked who was still looking towards the direction the soldier had taken his family and screaming

“My girls! No bring them back!” He looked to the Sergeant who pulled his 9mm Beretta from his thigh holster “Please don’t do this! I was trying to feed my family!” he pleaded for his life, warm tears running down his cheeks before falling to the snow below him and merging with it.

“Order must be kept Mr. Robinson!” The sergeant spoke loudly so everyone could here “We have tried punishing your types the usual way, but that has failed!” He stepped forward with one foot and pointed the pistol right at Scott “By the authority of the powers bestowed upon the U.S Marines by the declaration of nationwide martial law, I find you guilty of theft.” Scott was still pleading for his life in mumbled words and you could here his little girl crying from behind the crowds “By order of Green Zone commander, Colonel Mathers, you are sentenced to death.” Nobody even flinched towards the soldiers to try to save the man; they all knew the consequences would be dire for all of them if someone intervened



Scott was cut off as Sergeant Conrad fired three rounds into his chest. The two soldiers let go and he fell backward onto the snow, his shirt already beginning to become soaked in his blood. He moaned on the ground as he lay dying in a pool of his own blood, there would be no saving him for the bullets had torn through both of his lungs like paper. He made wheezing sounds that sounded inhuman as he tried to take in air, but failed miserably. The two soldiers who had been holding Scott had horrified looks on their face, looks of guilt. They knew they had to follow orders, or else they would be charged with disobeying of orders. Still this act had but a strain on their being that they weren’t expecting.

“Let’s move out….there is no need to stick around here.” Sergeant Conrad spoke slowly as he backed away from the body with a trembling hand that placed his gun back in the holster “Jackson!” he called to the man who was holding the child and the wife back “Get over here, we are going back to base.” A second later the same little girl came running out of the crowd towards the body that lay motionless in the street, the mother right behind.

“Daddy! Daddy!” the little girl screamed as the soldiers began making their way down the street. Each of them, except for the sergeant, looking back at the scene with a look of disgust and guilt on their faces as the mother turned her child’s body into her body and held her tight.

“Shhh, baby shhh don’t cry mommy is here.” The women said through her many tears, as the soldiers walked away in a shroud of depression.