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Amanda smiled a bit when Sabine called them bitches. "Such a lovely thing to say, beany." She said in reply to her ugly comment. She couldn't help, but make people's lives a living hell. It was almost in her genes. Her parents do it to her and her brother, so she spreads pain almost everywhere else. Then Marjorie said that she had French IV which saddened Amanda. "It's okay. We probably have other classes together." She said trying to perk up. It's not fun taking a foreign language without friends to support you and make fun of things. It won't be the same. Then she asked if they should wait for Charlotte. "Yep. Three bitches are better than 2" She said as a joke.

Charlotte was the last musketeer in the troupe. They would always hang out together destroying lives or just making fun of them. They ruled the school in their eye. No one confronts them, they just let these cheerleaders walk all over them and Amanda loved it. She would always leave her brother alone though, for personal reasons. She knew that if she bothered him there would be hell to pay. She couldn't have that. Her brother was scarier than she was if you can believe it. Then she saw Beck Hades with them and noticed the word whores come out of his mouth.

Amanda was anything, but a whore. She has never gone that far with anyone and practically refuses to. But of course no one knows that, everyone thinks she sleeps with all her boyfriends and then ditches them. She doesn't correct them only because it keeps her at the top where she belongs. She doesn't comment back on it because she allowing them to think they got away with something is just as fun as confronting them on it.


Aaron watching at Louis talked and talked and talked. He has never met someone that has talked this much in his life, until right now. First he was shocked that they were in the same grade which was typical with most people since not everyone knows, but them he tried to guess what kind of science guy he was. And to be honest Aaron didn't really care. He never really liked science. Then he suggest walking to class. Aaron nods and walks with him. Aaron sees everyone, but doesn't make eye contact. He does not want to talk to anymore people, even if he really isn't talking to Louis.