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Cronus's voice echoed his own bitterness as he replied " We've all had our own troubles Atlas. Need I remind you of your brothers trouble with a certain bird devouring his liver?" and while his words were true they only served to stoke the fury that had built within Atlas' heart upon his arrival, for the pain of his brothers betrayal had never eased in the long millennia since the Titanomachy; even if the warning that he had tried to pass on then seemed more apt now all things considered. Damn my oath and damn Herakles Atlas thought as he heard Cronus continuing what he clearly assumed to be a eloquently crafted speech to build the moral of his fellows into the blood fury that they had so long ago.

"Brothers and sisters, we have only struck a minor blow to the Olympians. It is true of course that the burning of my granddaughters shop was not the wildest of plans" he shot a look over towards Atlas, causing the titan to raise an eyebrow slowly understanding that the look was clearly a warning for his earlier criticism, and daring him to add more but continuing before any could be uttered; How typical of his uncle, always one to let rebellion seem an option but never allow it. "this was only the first step of many to overthrow our foes and to once again take our rightful place in the heavens."

Atlas watched Cronus pace slowly around the table, clearly taking the measure of all those present. When he passed behind the back of the skybearer it caused the hairs on the back of his neck to stand on end, his head turning slightly to watch his uncle pass; clearly readying himself for treachery but when Cronus continued round the table it did little to put him back at ease.

"We require a sacrifice." He said at last.

"A sacrifice?" Epimethius questioned, causing him to direct his gaze towards his young sibling as his rage built once more. Control did not come easily to Atlas, but time had taught him patience and the thought of his wife cooled his fire.

"An Immortal sacrifice my dear nephew." Cronus smiled at the young titan before continuing, and oddly enough not rebuking him for the interruption. Atlas was greatly wary of the direction this speech had taken. "We need to show the Olympians exactly how serious we are."

As murmuring swept across the table amongst the other titans Atlas simply stared at his uncle without a word, while Cronus raised a hand to silence them so that he could continue. "The only question is who should be killed first. Clearly the more powerful of the God's is not the wisest of choices," Cronus paused and as the wicked smile began to form over his rugged face and the skybearer locked eyes with his uncle he knew that he had been a fool to come here and that the noose had begun to tighten; even before he ended on the fateful question. "Atlas. Who do you think should be the first to die, nephew?"

It was his next few words which would seal his fate, and decide if he was to be an ally or an obstacle in their great war. While he did not wish to be the former and the latter would see him dead without a doubt he needed to make a choice for the moment.

"Depends... The lords of the sea, sky and below would certainly be beyond our grasp as you say for they would prove too much at present. And if you go after the Harvest goddess again then you're likely to have them already prepared, also if you try for the daughter then her husband will most likely march across the world and see it burn in the name of revenge. So not a wise choice. And the same would be true for their other sister, after all she is his wife, however bitter at him she may be." Atlas shakes his head before continuing "The solar and lunar twins may be an option but they are rarely seen amongst their kin save for family gatherings due to preferring their own domains, and they would likely see it coming and escape any plans against them. She of the grey eyes will prepare herself for anything we could throw against her, and I would say her warmongering little brother would do the same but he is most likely to be too busy in his sisters bed. The messenger would warn the others the moment we could reach him and be beyond our touch before we'd notice. The smith would be an interesting choice as his armoury could serve you well in the coming conflict, but he would have the same with which to defend it."

"If it wasn't for the fact that neither has been seen since I held the sky I would suggest Hestia or Dionysus from the pantheon. I remember hearing that Hestia had stepped down from Olympus and Dionysus vanished without a trace." He sighs, looking at each of the gathered titans in turn before speaking again "If you want one to name, then the self claimed goddess of Love. She will be lost in her lovers arms while her husband stands mute, and it is within that division of their kin that they are at their weakest. And you may even manage to remove two of their pieces from the board, three if you're lucky but I doubt the last." Atlas finished with a low growl before folding his arms slightly to look back at those gathered, primarily focusing upon his uncle with cold eyes.