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Teagan Thorn

His phone vibrated again and he sent the girl in front of him a not-actually-sorry apologetic expression of arched eyebrows and fished it out from his pocket. He brought his messages up, disregarding Snow and their one sided conversation, favoring the text on the screen. He had a few messages, two from teammates that he often hung out with, but wasn't actually friends with. They were just people he got on with, no one important, though he couldn't really call many people on his contacts list important. The last message is what really grabbed his attention, a blocked number, and the lull in his movements before he opened it.

To: Teagan Thorn
From: Blocked Number
Don't act dumb, I know you're not. You must be pretty smart to get away with selling pills.. ;) - Anon. x

It was about now that he wished he had skipped school. He could have spent the day dominating in League, or listening to old records, sleeping the day away and hanging out with his number one best friend in the whole wide word - Gordie. Okay, so Gordie was a Chilean Rose tarantula, and Gordie was also female, but Teagan figured an arachnid wouldn't really mind if their name was inherently male. He was beginning to think he was more like his parents than he liked to admit, and quickly tossed the thought aside. This time he didn't respond to the message, instead he just pocketed the phone with hopes that this terrorist would just decide to leave him alone for good.

Or at least, he could ignore the problem until later. This person knew he was a dealer, and for some reason, his mind twisted his issues until that became his number one concern. He wouldn't just be thrown off the team for that, but expelled and put into jail for good measure. Maybe it was just a way to forget about the other shit. "Well, I'll see you around Snow, later." He spoke bluntly, not waiting for her to respond to anything he had said. It wasn't as if he really cared, just like he didn't care if someone ended up with a bad drug dependency because of him. Humans were convenient to be around in certain settings, though close interpersonal relationships were to be avoided. They were more trouble than they were worth. Teagan closed his lockers and waved her off, walking in the other direction, occasionally greeting people he knew with wide smiles and the contact of hands.

God was giving him a little mercy though. He may not be able to take part in his only passion because of this damn fractured arm, but he did get physics first thing in the morning, a lot better than any history or math class. He may not achieve the best grades, and wasn't a science genius, but he did enjoy hands on classes. Experiments and the like, it got him on his feet and really engaged the mind, opposed to sitting around trying to write essays. The boy took a seat near the back right corner, setting his bag on the table he had chosen and resting his head on top of it, burying his face. Sadly, there would be no such thing today, only first day of school lectures and mindless chatter.