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located in The United States Mid-West, a part of The Will to Survive:The Armageddon Initiative, one of the many universes on RPG.

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โ€œA friendly face is always a pleasant sight these days. But then is any face that isnโ€™t trying to eat you. My nameโ€™s Natalie. How โ€˜bout you?โ€ Barnaby smiled, chuckling and relaxing his posture. It was funny for him really that he'd be desiring company so much. Living how he had before the outbreak, he thought that not having contact with anyone for an extended period of time wouldn't bother him, and yet here he was almost wanting to hug the woman just out of the sheer joy of finding someone who, so far, was not trying to kill him. Of course he'd skip out on the hug as he couldn't imagine she'd respond well, and judging by the way she was holding the crowbar if he suddenly lunged at her in anyway the crowbar would probably find it's way between his legs. So he settled with a smile as he placed Pippy back on his belt hook.

"You may call me Barnaby, and yes not having something trying to eat my face is always a pleasant sight. Been a good month since I've met a person or zombie that hasn't been trying to kill me." Slowly walking towards her, he offered out his hand to shake. Even then, he was still watching the crowbar and made sure to approach in a manner that didn't seem to hostile. "Where were you heading, if you don't mind me asking? I wish I could give you my own answer, but I was just kinda going..." he paused, looking around before pointing down the highway, "That...way...kinda." He looked back at her, trying to guess how big an idiot he seemed in her eyes at the moment. "Ok to be honest, I haven't a damn clue where I am going. I was really just hoping to find somewhere I could scrounge up some more supplies, and maybe bash in the head of a few zeds with Pippy here." Barnaby said while patting the head of the fire-axe.

From the way she looked and was equipped, he could tell that she had managed to fight her way through messes about as bad as Barnaby had. Not to mention, the smile she had, as well as her comment, told him that she too had been struggling to find a friendly face as well. She certainty knew what she was doing when it came to survival, given that she wasn't dead, and she looked well equipped as well; more than likely spoils she had found along her travels. "Oh! Sorry about the whole, banging on the hood thing. I do it as more a measure to draw out any zeds that are hiding anywhere, helps to make sure I'm not going to get ambushed by any of them."