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As Leon helped Lilith up and asked if she was alright one of the guys was still coming after him, he was about to turn around and make him wish he didn't step foot near him. The man stopped and own came the large man, an arrow in his back and standing behind him was another man, a quite strange person it seemed. Leon raised his eyebrow, not knowing whether meeting this strange person was a good thing or a bad thing. Well whatever, he was a new face but he was also another mouth to feed. Leon stared as he made a comment of how close I was nearly injured by that man and then he also took his arrow back. Leon smiled. A fellow brit. He was just about to talk when ofcourse Richard so rudely interrupted him.

"So, who the hell are you?"
"My name is Lucas, I don't want any trouble. I was just passing by when I notice that you were in a bit of trouble, so I decided to help."
"I'll be right back."

This guy didn't seem to be too young, he looked around Leon's age himself. He watched as Lucas went into an alleway and brought out a skateboard and a shopping cart filled with food, he offered to feed us if we needed any. Well that was definitely sealing the deal. He was british and he had food, Leon would say yes to let him in the group if it was up to him. But no. It wasn't up to him. It was up to the stupid army officer, secret agent, backstreet boy, undercover or whatever he was. Lucas pulled out his arrow and shot a zombie behind the group right between the eyes. Leon's eyes widened as a smile grew on his face.

Lucas apologized as he didn't warn the group. At least he had manners, Leon was content as his heart was racing a bit at the thought of Lucas almost shooting him. To think he would've survived thousands of bandits, robberies and zombies and he thought he was going to die by an arrow, Lucas asked what everyones name in the group was. Leon stepped forward before Richard could do anything.

"Can't you see Lucas?" Leon started staring straight at Richard.
"We are all just a great, big, happy family." Leon grinned still staring at Richard.
"This is Jake, he's a good boy." He said ruffling the dogs fur.
"This is Lilith." He put his arm around her and smiled.
"My name is Leon." He said running a hand through his hair and then finally turned to Richard.
"And this is our Daddy, you can call him Marcus, Richard, Jason or even Tony but it doesn't matter because he's had so many names and who knows if we even know what his name is." Leon's smile finally dropped covered with a bit of anger.