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“Sing us a song you’re the piano man, sing us a song tonight, ‘cause we’re all in the mood for a melody and you got us feeling alright…”
Travelling was much better with company Natalie had decided once she realised she knew a little Billy Joel after all. Aside from a couple of minor encounters with the infected their travelling had been mostly uneventful up ‘til now and she’d had plenty of time to learn more song lyrics from Barnaby.
As they got closer to where she’d been told the settlement was, however, this became less of the case. The number of infected that appeared at the sound of their enthusiastic, if not always perfectly in tune, singing increased. So did the traffic. In one case a reinforced and mildly weaponed family vehicle swerved wildly across the highway as it sped past, purposefully ploughing through the thicker gatherings of infected. It wasn’t that much of a new sight to Natalie, she’d met soccer mums with a body count several times her own when it came to the infected.
Eventually she and Barnaby reached a point on the edge of the town where the infected became too thick to keep up combat with and Natalie called a temporary reprieve. They escaped the horde, taking out the faster runners as they went, and hid inside a small second-hand bookstore, one of the few shops that still had the front window intact.
After checking it was secure and ensuring a back exit Natalie dropped to the floor between the stacks to catch her breath. She gave a tired laugh as she sat leaning against the shelf, “So I think we should give your anti-ambush technique a rest for a bit and take a more subtle approach while in town. Their attracted to the amount of life at the settlement. I also think we should get some wheels while we’re picking up whatever you need here.”
She had two leads at the moment. One was a couple of vague sightings of a small group that included a couple of men and red-haired woman with dog. Natalie wondered how many groups of the same description there was out there. The other had been from a small band that she’d stayed with briefly who were actively making life hard for the military. Staying with them had been risky but they had one of the more secure and advanced settlements she’d visited yet. Someone there had mentioned directing a ‘smoking hot stuck-up bitch’ fitting the description of a certain ex-Highgate resident ‘and some old lady’ east towards Minneapolis. These leads were more than she had on her own family. Natalie needed purpose and this was it. Walking was taking too long.
“What do you say?”

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