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located in Fae's Academy, Washington, a part of Covens, Cliques, and Hexes, one of the many universes on RPG.

Fae's Academy, Washington



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Character Portrait: Divinia Doriano Character Portrait: Amarina Yani King Character Portrait: Ever Daniels Character Portrait: Ethan Holler Character Portrait: Pippa Tasmin Le Feuvre Character Portrait: Alistair William Talsworth Character Portrait: Sunday Cortez Character Portrait: DeAngelo Pagliarelli
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“Don't worry – My brother would never hurt you. He cares for me too much. And I'm not quite sure if I could go on in life without you.” Pippa had a small smile as she gave Divinia a small peck before speaking, "Aw, well I think you'd be just fine without me, love." She said as she took her hands away from the Italian's hips. She watched as her friend started to listen to her brother's violin playing. He was pretty good, but knowing he was related to Divinia Doriano meant they never half assed anything. Pippa started to listen to the music before hearing someone speak to the pair and winked. “Hey. So. I heard about this party and I told myself that I would honor the first hot girl I saw by taking her there. You're welcome.” She raised an eyebrow at Divinia as her love put her hand behind Pippa's neck and let their tonuges explor each other's months. It never surprised Pippa when Divinia kissed her when guys came up to the pair to flirt. Mainly freshmen who didn't know what they were getting into. When she looked at the small boy, she noticed he was in her coven. He had flirted with her before but, she never did

As the kiss went on, Pippa let her hands move to Div's thighs. She could hear the freshmen little boy talking, but she never did hear what exactly he said. Seeing that she a bit occupied at the moment being. When Divinia let go and went behind Pippa's back, she tilted her head as Div kissed her neck. The was always her weak point, no matter what she would say yes. Of course, not many knew that other than the people she slept with more than once. “Such a confident boy, Pippy. But obviously ignorant to our identities.” She nodded in agreement and chuckled. "So sad, isn't it?" She looked at the boy as Divinia talked to him and he had no idea who the hell she was. Pippa was shocked as the red marks started to go all around the boy's body. As the boy cursed at Div, Pippa just had a smirk on her face. “Divinia Doriano is me. I'm the baddest bitch here – I'm also very possessive." That wasn't a lie. She was possessive especailly over Pippa and she knew that for a fact. As she kissed her neck, Pip held in a moan as Divinia continued to speak.

"If you're a smart kid, you'd keep your grimy little paws off of my lovely Pippa. Because I will kill you.” She was smirking, but not at the boy who was know crying saying in understood Divinia but, at how her ivory gypsy was so protective over her. When the young boy ran away from the pair. Pippa let her laugh come out. "Aw, Divvy. You're my scary guard dog." She said in sarcasm. After a moment, Divinia went around the corner to see Sunday and the brother, she would be looking after, Deangelo. She just stood close to Divinia as she looked at Sunday. She always did have an attraction to younger people and Sunday was no exception. As Sunday started to play, Pippa crossed her arms around her chest and smiled. She was good. She looked at Deangelo and offered a small smile.


Most of the morning, Alec was in his room. Listening to music with his little colorful woodpecker, Emmanuel on his nightstand. He was so tired from being so sick the week. For one whole week he wasn't allowed to leave his room because of his strep throat so he wouldn't get anyone else sick. One of the only people to come visit him was Amarina and that was when he had to eat. With her having a suregon mask over her mouth.He did not want to do anything. Especially have to go into the arena to battle another coven. But, he wasn't going to be the one to tell Professor Romeo that he wasn't in the mood to go to class. After a while he was sick of being in his room.

His strep throat was gone and he was given permisson to finally leave his room, so he decided to go see his close friend, Ethan. That guy could always make Alec feel better no matter what the case. Even during his break up with Amarina, Ethan always kept a smile or at least a smirk on his face. He got up from his bed and grabbed an outfit out of his drawner and tossed it on his bed before slipping his pajama pants off and tossing them into his hamper, or at least near his hamper where one of the legs were laying off the side, touching the ground.

He slipped his denim jeans on before anything else and then slipped his scoop neck over his head; messing up his bed head even more than it was before. He walked into his bathroom to fix himself up like brushing his teeth, deodorant, and mainly, combing his shaggy brown hair. Looking in the mirror he shook his head and grabbed her brush. "Oh my God, one week of being sick and my hair's a bird's nest." He said to himself, seeing his bird fly over to the sink counter and tilt his small head. "Can I live in that thing?" Emmanuel said in a joking matter. "Haha, very funny, Manny." He said in sarcasm before putting the comb down and making his bird fly a bit farther a way.

After walking out of his bathroom, Alec walked out of his room with his bird on his shoulder and walked outside to rooms where the Medeans resided. Most of them he knew and were rather close to like Rose, Ever, Amarina, and even Pippa. He didn't like having female enemies, it felt strange and they knew how to end you to make you say 'i was wrong.' He walked a bit until he saw two of his friends, Ever and Ethan.... And, some guy he didn't even know. He walked up to them and put his hand on Ethan's shoulder, not knowing he wasn't acting like himself. He got up just in time to hear Ever ask if Ethan was ok. At that point he looked at his friend with a raised eyebrow. "Dang, Ethan.... what bit you in the butt." He said with a smirk, hoping to make at least a smirk escape his friend. He looked at Ever and smiled. "Hello, Ever. Who is this?" He said before nodding towards Ali.