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located in Earth, a part of Paranormal Lovers, one of the many universes on RPG.




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The blonde noble of a Lykae female was worrying. Granted, Belle worrying wasn’t all that extraordinary, but this time it was worse, because she hadn’t had any way of assuaging her worries. In fact, her father had kept her more or less prisoner since she had taken the hit intended for James. If she had to be perfectly honest she hadn’t thought much before doing it, except that she knew she had a greater chance of surviving than he, because she was a fullblooded Lykae. Her move, however, had caused things to tense between her father and the king however. It would take the captain a while to get over the fact that his king had almost killed his daughter, and that mood was her fault entirely. True, one could argue that the king handled things wrongly in the first place, immediately punishing by death, but it seemed Annabelle’s sacrifice had changed the king’s mind. Instead of death, James had been sent into exile… indefinitely, which to a Lykae could be a very, very long time.

Finally, now, after two weeks, she was finally allowed to go outside alone. She’d had to argue a lot with her father over it however, and she’d even had to call on her mother for help, although her mother happened to be in Lloer Deyrnas, so she’d had to travel a bit. In the end, though, Forrean had relented and with a firm warning of not getting into trouble, he’d grudgingly let her go. He’d also told her not to search for James. But she couldn’t not search for him; she had received many messages, but had been unable to do anything in response. She knew he wanted to get into contact with her however, and she wasn’t going to ignore that. She couldn’t. So, having packed a big bundle of food; sandwiches, fruits, crackers and so on, Belle had skipped outside in this, the name of the park James had mentioned in one of his notes, in mind. She didn’t exactly know where it was, but she planned on asking until she caught his scent and then she’d just go off of that the rest of the way.

After a while her vigilant nose registered James’ distinct scent, and she couldn’t help a small smile. She wasn’t far from him now. Belle sped up at that thought, eager to see him again, considering she had worried about him for weeks now. However, there was a weird odor connected to his scent, and she really hoped he hadn’t slumped too much into… well, life as a homeless person. She wasn’t even sure how to help him as it was, all she knew was that he was probably hungry and most likely in need of said help. She’d just… go from there, even if she wasn’t entirely sure where “there” was. The blonde, hugging the bag of food, soon reached a park where James’ scent was more or less over the place and looking to her right, there it was; the name of the park on a small sign by a group of small bushes. She looked around, her blue eyes scanning the area calmly in search of the Halfling Lykae. However, in the process, her nose briefly noticed something else; demon. The stench made her wrinkle her nose in disgust, but knowing nothing could be done in public anyways, she shook her head, disregarding it, although remaining alert. On her toes.

It didn’t take long for Belle’s gaze to land on James, and as it did, the woman registered two things; He looked tired, and he had lost weight. A lot of weight he really didn’t have the build to lose. She sighed, making her way through the throng of humans populating the green park, sad and not quite sure how to deal with the guy she had come to care for. She couldn’t take him home; even meeting with him was technically treason, and she knew folks at home would be able to smell James on her. She would have to shower properly before heading back home, so she’d have to rent a room somewhere and… well, it was all a big bother, but it was worth it. James was worth it. Once Belle was in James’ immediate vicinity, she cast him a little smile. “James?” She inquired, putting down the bag of food on the bench next to him, her voice soft. She inched closer, lowering herself enough to be level with him, her eyes searching out his with worry shining in them. “I’m sorry about all of this,” she added quietly, “so sorry.”


As Claire was about to pour the rather rude guy another whiskey, he instead yanked on her wrist and cast her a sly smirk, his eyes still sporting that cruel glint and she immediately inched back a little, wanting to move away from him, a slight frown on her face.
“What now?” she snapped at him in response, her patience running out, but the guy didn’t seem particularly bothered. Instead his smirk widened and he even chuckled at her, before opening his mouth to speak, crooked teeth spilling forth. “I think you should accompany me outside, little prude.” He said, and yanked her even closer causing her middle to push painfully against the bar counter, but instead of making a sound, Claire glared at the guy, inwardly fighting her instinct to shout at him and pull her hand back. If she had to be perfectly honest, this one could use a nice slap, and just as he leaned in, his foul breath soon polluting the air closest to her, he was pulled back from her by two big guys, who looked like they could throw her ten feet in the air.

The rude, athletic guy fought as the big ones silently, eyes cold and removed, rendered him unconscious. Claire watched the whole thing wide-eyed, mouth slightly agape. One of the big guys – a blonde – had hit him in the stomach, followed by a fist in his face, while the other big one held him steady. In the end, once the right amount of hits had been dealt, the guy went out like a light and the two others, still mute, carried him outside. All the while, the ravenhaired woman had been more or less immobile, unsure of what to do with herself while the fight went on. Even some of her newly bought chairs had been broken. Wait… some of her new chairs had been broken?! Claire groaned, irritated all over again. Sure, the guy was not an issue anymore, but she was certain the cops could’ve taken care of it quietly, and legally. She didn’t want this reputation for her bar, and who were those guys anyway?

Furious with the whole situation once having processed it, Claire made her way outside, quickly sliding on her jacket as her heels clicked furiously with the pace she was setting. “Watch the place,” she shouted at Lily before letting the door shut behind her. She realized that her chance of catching the group was small, but she didn’t really care. She wasn’t just leaving it at that. Trudging furiously, it surprisingly wasn’t long until she spotted the two big guys, but they weren’t dragging the rude customer along, which briefly had her wondering where they’d left him, and in which state. This was all extremely odd. “Hey!” She shouted once she was close enough for them to be able to hear her, and they both turned at once, looked at her with that indifferent gaze once more. No sound came from either one, but they stopped moving so she supposed that was some kind of response at least. “You guys owe me several new chairs,” she noted as she finally reached them, the two towering over her.

The blonde one snorted, voice dark and gruff as he spoke, “yes, we also saved you.” The words made Claire roll her eyes. “By beating the guy up!” She then replied, her voice bordering on outraged. “And breaking several chairs! And what the hell were you even doing in my bar in the first place?! It’s not exactly the most known place in terms of brawls, like you so obviously favor. But thank you for doing what the police would have done legally in a little while either way.” Her tone was ringing with sarcasm and irritation which caused the blonde one to raise both of his eyebrows. The brunette however was perfectly inexpressive, which was frankly a tad unnerving to a woman who was so used to people being more than just easy to read. Odd, very odd.

The blonde guy glanced at his companion, a knowing look in his eyes. “What?” Claire snapped. She hated those looks, especially when she was the one being kept out of the loop.
“Well,” he started, crossing muscular arms, suddenly smiling wryly, “someone wishes to keep you save. Someone’s paying good money to have that service provided.” The second the words left his mouth, Claire was frowning. She didn’t know anyone with that kind of money! Hell, she didn’t know anyone who would keep the whole thing secret from her in the first place. Except… her mouth fell open immediately as the thought hit her. Narek had been waving money around like it was nothing… and he was unpredictable… and… gods, who the hell did he think he was?!
“Now, little miss, are we allowed to go?” The blonde asked, a sliver of mockery in his voice as he interrupted her fuming, and she merely rolled her eyes at him, turning around to head back to the bar… and her car.

One inside the small vehicle Claire made her way towards the manor in which she knew Narek lived. Primarily because her attempted rape hadn’t been far from there, and after his rudeness, she’d scolded him for a bit while he’d walked towards it. At least she hoped she was right about the location, because she had important business to discuss with him. Like, say, telling him to leave her the hell alone! It took a little while to get there, but she was angry enough not to notice. Instead she took the time to try and calm down a little… which didn’t work too well. She parked next to the place, on the side of the rode and stalked up to the front door, her knuckles rapping quickly against the wood.

It took only for a second for a female head to poke outside carefully. “Yes Miss?” The seemingly young girl said, opening the door properly. Claire, not feeling too happy, quickly snapped, “I need to speak with Narek. Now.” The girl’s green eyes widened briefly, almost fearfully as she gave a brief nod and disappeared from the doorway after inviting Claire inside. Then she left the grand hallway, that frightful look still on her face. What was she so scared of? Claire sighed, feeling sorry for the poor thing; maybe she’d been a little too harsh in her tone. To be honest, the servant wasn’t who Claire was angry with, so she felt rather bad about taking it out on her, which subdued her anger a little too. Well, that would probably last until Narek came. She crossed her arms over her middle, a little impatient. At least it seemed like she’d found the right place though, so that was always something.

Marie, the servant girl who had opened the door for Claire, fearfully made her way into the garden where she knew her king was currently staying. Everyone always knew where Narek was, because no one wanted to interrupt him by accident. Something like that could cause heads to roll if he was in the mood… which he was way too often She didn’t walk to close to Narek when she caught sight of him, but rather kept a sensible distance before she cleared her throat carefully. “I am sorry your majesty, but a ravenhaired, human woman is asking for you. She is very persistent.” She told him, very careful to keep her voice level and smooth, but also very submissive, just in case. She really hoped he at least knew who she talking about, because the woman didn’t seem like she’d take kindly to Marie returning with new of the king not wanting to meet with her. But then, rather an angry human than an angry Lykae king.