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located in The United States Mid-West, a part of The Will to Survive:The Armageddon Initiative, one of the many universes on RPG.

The United States Mid-West



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The cold breeze pricked against James' exposed skin causing a brief moment of pain. The snow pile up on the highway had caused James to stop in the middle of the road. He had forgotten that since the world has been a bit different the snow plows would not be driving down the roads and clearing the snow. This was bad for James, luckily he had a small plow in the cab of his truck, how he would get it on, however, he wasn't sure. Nonetheless he tried, small clouds appeared in the air as James puffed and exhaled. He was having a hard time, the damn thing was so heavy and he had to drag it over to the front of the vehicle. When he finally got it on he sighed with relief and climbed back into his seat immediately turning up the heat. He slammed his foot on the gas and watched as the snow fled off to the side. James squinted as he read a sign overhead.

Denver 30 Miles

He would try his luck there. He heard there was a "green zone" or a safe haven for survivors to live in. He was not sure what the requirements were but he would fight his way in if he needed to. James wondered if there would be a home for him or would he need to fend for himself. What was the crime level, or rules? He wasn't sure and the more he thought about it the less appealing the idea seemed. Maybe a big city wasn't such a good idea, perhaps a smaller town would suffice. He could find an abandoned's not right.

James struggled with the idea of taking over a place, at least in his cabin he knew it was his, he owned it.

It was too late to turn back, he would have to find someone or someplace to stay, maybe there was work, something for him to do. James thought about what life would be like now, so many different scenarios arose and none seemed comforting, but heck, the world was no longer comforting.

When James arrived to the outskirts of the city he was stopped by a checkpoint. His car rolled up to the outpost and James rolled down his window.

"Evening Officer" James said as he noticed the men in uniform.

"We will need your I.D sir," replied one of the men. James looked about and then reached into his back pocket and pulled out his wallet and then passed his state drivers license to the man. "Just one second please." The officer then stepped into the outpost shack and ran the identification numbers into a computer. After a second James' file appeared on screen.

The man appeared outside and handed James' his ID, "Here you go Captain," said the man with a smile. "You know we could use a man like you on the field" he said in a complementary manner.

James looked over to the man after putting away his wallet. "I already was," James said and then rolled down the road.