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located in Father's Estate, a part of Father's Puppets, one of the many universes on RPG.

Father's Estate



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Two copper-colored eyes opened as their owner gave a quiet sigh, raising a pale, seemingly fragile hand to her face and brushing several wayward locks of silvery hair from her face. It still seemed a little unusual - although admittedly, she had no recollections against which to compare the current arrangement of things, so this was just a gut feeling rather than any sort of logical conviction - to feel the harsh chill of a steel wire amidst her own tresses, but it was something that she was rapidly growing accustomed to. Actually, it was pretty hard to notice the concealed mono-filament cables as they were, even for the one in whose hair they were fastened securely. If it weren't for the by now familiar subtle tingling of the animate razor wires as they carefully shifted themselves away from her own head - it would be pretty stupid to get accidentally cut to ribbons by your own hidden weapon, now wouldn't it? - she probably wouldn't have even remembered they were there at all.

Rising from beneath the covers, Marionette glanced around herself and quickly shut her eyes into a tight, narrow squint. The worst part about waking up in Father's house, she noted, was the complete lack of color. When everything around you was completely and totally white, it took a great deal of time for your eyes to adjust if you had been sleeping. Just the slightest light, and everything around you suddenly seemed to glow until you felt like your sensitive, tired eyes would be instantly blinded if you dared open them. But, of course, this was just another thing the puppet was already growing used to. This was how it had always been. This was all she could remember. This was simply the way things were. If there had been something before this, then shouldn't that have been discounted as too strange, since she couldn't even remember it? This was what was normal. Everything that her mind seemed to think was normal was what was strange. That was what logic told her, anyway.

Grumbling quietly under her breath, the puppet rubbed her eyes and slowly rose. It took her a moment to get her bearings - she wasn't exactly a morning person - and a few more of stumbling around, searching blindly for the familiar outfit that, as per usual, was sitting folded on the table, freshly cleaned and prepared for her by the unseen staff of the facility. The care they took to make sure she was always properly equipped and in good health might have made her feel like an honored guest, if it didn't remind her of how one treated a particularly enjoyable doll. Still, she didn't really care all that much. That was what she was, right? She was Marionette. She was a doll. And, although Father's mysterious and reclusive nature was an unknown factor, she wasn't really all that interested in what he did and didn't want from her to begin with. All she needed was...

Oh! Right! It's almost time for breakfast, which means... She smiled as the thought struck her, instantly opening her eyes and shrugging off the sleepy haze that had previously clouded her actions. In an instant, she had swiftly slipped her nightgown over her head, and, folding it with an almost manic grin, immediately set about donning her usual attire. Brushing the familiar button-up blue shirt and close-fitting cropped pants aside, she immediately took up what was beneath them: a large roll of thick, soft bandage wraps. In the instant she touched them, a faint whirr sounded through the air, and the puppet smiled as a sudden new awareness reached her thoughts, registering a faint physical contact with the dresser she herself wasn't touching. Admittedly, it had been very difficult to adjust at first to feeling things she wasn't touching, especially when her newfound awareness was completely disconnected from her body. But, she had grown to be able to handle it soon enough, and by this point, she had practiced enough to make it almost second nature to her. It showed in her manipulations, as well, for where she had once had difficulty, now she wasted no time. The bandage crawled swiftly up her arm and immediately set about winding itself around her, starting at her chest and working itself all the way down to her waist. And, even as this wrapping continued, she had already begun donning the rest of her clothing for the day. By the time it had finished, she was already slipping her arms into the sleeves of her blue shirt, which dutifully buttoned itself as she slipped into her comfortable white sneakers, then strolled out of the room. Ah, her abilities were so convenient sometimes. She had to admit, she had it better off than most of the other experiments in the mansion. Given the safety risk of having mono-filament cables sown into your hair, she'd had the good fortune to be allowed to utilize her abilities with a little more freedom than most. Granted, she was only allowed to animate her clothing and her wires, and her powers would short out if she tried to move anything more than five feet from her person, but that still left margin for utility in mundane situations, even if it hampered her ability to do anything very complex.

It seemed like her roommate - what was her name? Rat-something? - had already left, but Marionette didn't really care. There were more important things to worry about. Like breakfast! The kitchen staff normally prepared meals for the men in white coats, at least, but thankfully, Marionette had managed to get permission from father to make her own meals. She rather preferred it this way. True, her dishes weren't really fancy or overwhelmingly delicious compared to the food the kitchen staff made, but she found it more comfortable. She might have said "old habits die hard," but then again, she only had a hunch that this was a habit at all. Being unable to remember ever cooking for herself before now, it was hard to tell. Actually, it was hard to tell if she had ever even needed to eat, given that it was an unnesecary luxury, albeit one she still indulged in on occasion. Since their bodies were self-sufficient, things like eating, drinking, and sleeping were all no longer required. Still, she took a sort of comfort in practicing these old, outdated routines regardless. But, again, it didn't matter all that much.

It didn't take long for the eager young puppet to reach the kitchens, and, opening the doors, she practically bounced in, a cheery smile on her face. Those staff members already present glanced up somewhat warily at her, but she smiled it off and simply gave a cheerful wave and greeting. "Good morning, everyone!" She said happily. "Do you mind if I use the stove in the corner?" The only reply she got was, of course, a slight shrug as everyone else went about their daily routine, but, although her happy facade cracked a little at her ambivalent treatment, this was the only response she needed. That's right, it didn't matter if everybody else ignored her. There was still one friend she could rely on, the friend that Father had given her. Oh, she was so happy just thinking about it. She had a friend, and once she made breakfast, she would go to see him! Yes, she needed to hurry, make breakfast quickly, and then go to see her friend!~ In an instant, she had crossed the room, and, after a moment of fumbling about with a frying pan, had quickly started up on the creation of one of her favorite breakfast combinations. Granted, chocolate chip pancakes, a bacon-filled omelet and hash browns was probably pretty weird by most people's standards, but then again, they were the weird ones! This was perfectly normal.

The kitchen staff just sighed and set about their work. Even if she wasn't all that much of a hassle, the freak's constant humming and ever-so-slightly unhinged grin as she cooked was quite disrupting to their coordination. The fact that she kept on whispering unintelligible remarks in that creepy, cutesy way of hers - quiet mumblings that could usually be heard to contain several repetitions of the words "friend," "partner," and "Fade," all dutifully recited with almost orgasmic glee - only made things worse. For most present, especially those who had to work close by the obsessive puppet who always stood just a little too close to the knife cupboard for comfort, the time when either she or they would leave was regarded as an hour of sweet release.


At last, she was finally done! The people at the kitchen seemed really busy, and whenever she tried to talk to them, they shuffled quickly away. This had been disappointing, since all she had wanted was to borrow a small tray to carry her warm, steaming breakfast platter with, but since they didn't really seem to mind, she had at last resigned herself to just take the desired implement and leave. Everybody else seemed to be trying their hardest to ignore her, so she supposed that they probably wouldn't miss it. Still, her good mood was already beginning to falter. Although the prospect of bringing her new friend breakfast as a way to get to know him better was still enough to brighten her day, it had begun to seem less and less hopeful to her. Everybody seemed like they didn't want her around. Father was always too busy, so she could never visit him to ask any of the countless questions she had, Twitch was always so quiet and aloof, she'd only recently been given her new friend and didn't know him well at all, and all the people in the mansion always seemed to ignore her. The rat-girl was always off doing something, and always seemed really unfriendly, so Marionette had been left all alone for most of her time after waking up, save for the occasional test or training session. She sighed. She had tried drawing pictures, had tried making food, had tried singing songs, had even tried animating her clothing to make it dance for her, but still, it was so boring, and, what was more, lonely. Nobody ever seemed to care she existed. Was she doing something wrong? She didn't get it. She just wanted friends.

Friend... friend... What if her friend didn't like her? She hadn't been able to talk to him much. He always seemed so busy like everybody else, so all she had been able to do was follow him around watching all the things he did in the hopes of getting a feel for what he was like. She had watched him train, watched him walk, watched him sleep, watched his every breath, but still couldn't fathom his personality very well because of that shadowy mask he wore, which made it really hard to see his face and tell what he was thinking by his expression. Ah, that reminded her, shadows. During their last training session, he had shown off his powers a little. It had been so cool! To think he could actually control other people! All she could do was control things that weren't alive to begin with, but he had no such limitation. Ah, Fade was so incredible! She really wanted to talk to him, to make him like her, but if he was busy like everybody else, then wouldn't he treat her like everybody else did? What if he didn't care? Father had said he would be her friend, but what if he had more important things to do? All of a sudden, it seemed like maybe bringing him breakfast wasn't such a good idea. Her resolve to approach him had begun to falter. But, no. She had made up her mind that she would finally talk to him today, and that was what she was going to do! Father had said he would be her friend, so he would have to be, whether he liked it or not! He was hers! Father had said so, and everything he had said always had to happen, so that meant that Fade would be her friend, and that was that. Besides, she had come too far now to just turn back. Actually, she realized, she was already standing right in front of the door to her own room. From there, it would just be one room over, and then...!

Hastening through her room, she opened first the door to the common room between her own and that of her friend-to-be, crossed that in an instant, and at last stood before the door she was so anxious to open. The animate wires in her hair flicked nervously back and forth, one of them cutting slightly across her cheek as she twitched just a little too eagerly in anticipation. A single drop of blood slipped down to her lips, filling her mouth with a faint taste of iron as she licked it up quickly, not wanting to look anything less that presentable for her big event. Brushing her hand across the wound to make sure it had stopped bleeding - it had - she at last steeled herself, placed her hand on the door, and, turning the knob slowly, pushed the portal open with a quiet swish, the silent hinges making nary a creak as she crept into the room. She had already peeped through the door enough to know where Fade slept, so she wasted no time in tip-toeing up to his bed, standing over his slumbering form with an innocent, timid smile. Then, slowly, she reached down, placing her free hand on his shoulder.

"Fade~," She intoned in a quiet, sing-song voice that nonetheless sounded rather loud in the silent room. Leaning over him, she gazed down directly into his face, perhaps just a little too close for the waking boy's comfort. "Wake up, Fade~. It's morning. It's me, Marionette. I've made you breakfast. I hope you like it." She was barely able to control her eagerness as she spoke, her words coming out as something between an excited girlish squeal and a drawn out, anxious moan. This was it! She was finally making a friend! And now he would wake up, greet her with pleasant surprise, eat the breakfast she had so carefully prepared for him, and love it! And then, he would talk to her, and they would become friends! He was sure to be happy with her! She couldn't wait, couldn't wait, couldn't wait!

Why don't you hurry and wake up, Fade? I want you to be mine already! Faaaaa~deeee~....!

(Yandere for the Yandere god! Psychotic obsession for the obsessive throne!


I think I scared myself a little with this post.)