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located in The United States Mid-West, a part of The Will to Survive:The Armageddon Initiative, one of the many universes on RPG.

The United States Mid-West



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Aarti let out a small cough as a cold gust of wind shot at her and pressed snowflakes against her face.
"Of all the times it could of snowed," She growled, pulling her jacket closer around her, "why now?"
She was not fond of freezing weather, and even if it wasn't really freezing, it felt pretty damn cold.
"Whatever." Aarti snapped at herself. She was the one who wanted to leave town. She was the one who had decided that she'd leave when it was snowing.
There was no one to blame but herself, and Aarti hated that.
"Congratulations on being a dumbass!" She cheered, rolling her eyes, "You've won an award for being stupid."
I'm talking to myself. Aarti realised, a slight frown forming across her face, "Congratulations on turning insane, too." She sighed, "That sucks."