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Time was an elusive thing here.

Sitting, hunched over a desk at the centre of the room, was a man. He was an unsettling man if one were to ever watch him, silently locked over his books in a near eternal position of studying. The tiny ray of light shining above his head revealed an optical illusion, a bloody fountain of hair which cascaded over his back, tips pooling at the bottom of his seat. Books dumped into haphazard hills encrusted the table’s surface like a miniature land dump, but aside from that, his room was spartan. No bed was there, just a desk and his chair. A lonely wardrobe dotted the farthest wall in front of him, the barest of necessities.

Cant didn’t sleep anymore. He didn’t feel the need for it either. At all times, day and night, he was awake. Sometimes he wandered the mansion, sometimes he remained in his room like he was now. He still recalled his first days following the initiation. The countdown off time seemed important at first, but even time was drained of its meaning as the training wore on. Days became a blur, muddled into each other by identical routines. Training, tests and more tests. Here especially he could lose himself, with no window or skylight to indicate the passage of time. Metallic walls surrounded him on all sides, the only view provided to him being the glass door which separated him from the two other men.

He remained still as an unusually well-groomed man sought the exit, one of the newest additions to Father’s mansion. The latest batch of lab rats to join the family, there were several of them, two assigned to each Instructor. It was the exact same pattern he’d experienced upon first arriving here. Chuckling slightly, Cant guessed the time was around morning and withdrew his seat with a screech of metal rubbing against metal. Every bone in his body cracked as he outstretched his limbs, allowing the blood to flow back into them. Morning meant that training would commence soon.