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Rapid City, South Dakota was a graveyard. No people, no Zombies just bodies. It was a stop. A short stop. Darcy had detoured, it would take her a little longer to get to Buckley Air Base, about an hour or two if google maps was right but she needed to keep the track off her.

Andrew Scott was looking for her in Minneapolis but she needed to go back there so if she emailed him from Rapid City that would keep him off her scent, so to speak. He would come looking for her in South Dakota by that time she would be in Colorado and then after that back in Minnesota and Director Scott would be no better off then he had been at the beginning of this game of Kiss Chase. At least that was the plan.

She'd just filled up the Porsche with Gas and some food stock from the Gas Station and now Darcy stood in the dirty station bathroom looking at her reflection in the stained mirror. She looked tired and she needed to eat more . . . and she was freezing her butt off too.

Sighing Darcy opened up her Duffel bag and stripped down to her underwear. The bump was slowly getting bigger but still it was unnoticeable under clothing thank God. Rummaging through the Louis Vuitton Duffel Darcy pulled out a plain white button up shirt. Yep, that looked professional . . . like something a boring Scientist would wear, at least Darcy hoped it did. She pulled it over her head without bothering to open the buttons and closed the buttons at the sleeves. Swiftly followed by a tight black pencil skirt that came just below the knees.

But the grey boots keeping her warm up till her knees just wouldn't do, no matter how warm they kept her. Slipping them off she popped on a pair of plain black stilettos with silver heels. Much more appropriate - not for the weather - for the outfit.

Taking out the Identification Badge, Darcy scrutinised the photo of Dr. Alison Mackinley. The woman was rather normal looking. She looked like a tiresome Doctor except that dash of bright red lipstick.

Slipping the Badge around her neck, the crystal under her shirt shingled. Darcy placed a hand over the necklace under the material but quickly pulled it away. No . . . She couldn't think about Richard . . . not now.

Darcy tied her hair up in a high ponytail to match the one Dr. Mackinley was sporting on the ID Badge, followed by a pair of plain black thick framed glasses and the blood red lips stick, both of which she had got from the Gas Station.

Hmm, Darcy smiled crookedly, looking at her reflection in the full length mirror; pressing her bright red lips together, she looked Office Sexy. She only hoped it was enough to get her into Buckley.

30 minutes later . . .

Finally! Huffed Darcy, at last! She sat with her laptop open on her lap in her car. This was the only working unsecure Wi-Fi connection that she'd been able to find in the whole of Rapid City. It wasn't great but it would do.

Logging into her email account and the blog which took forever. Damn! Her Blog had been take down. No problem, thought Darcy trying to keep her easily flared anger in check. This is why she always exported her blog. A great feature. She simply had to make a new blog account and then upload the exported blog file and everything was back up and running. This took a little longer then expected thanks to the crappy Wi-Fi connection but it was done. Plus a new post exposing more details from the hard drives was uploaded for the people of the world to view.

Now that was done, Darcy uploaded the video she had taken outside the Café in Minneapolis and typed a quick message to Director Scott.

Subject: Eyes Only

Nice try Director . . .

Hope the little boy and the Barista were helpful.


Catch me if you can . . .

She finished with a smile and clicked send and then sped off out of Rapid City. Six hours to Buckley, CO . . .