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located in Father's Estate, a part of Father's Puppets, one of the many universes on RPG.

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"Train soon, sdraiata bastardo!" (Lying Bastard) He said as he turned to look at her and then back down the hall. Fuego wasn't one to hide opinions or emotions. He left it all on the table, rather to let your opponent think you are a open book than to let them read the pages. "Yes something to eat sounds nice." He said agreeing with her as he looked around the halls. He walked with her toward the kitchen as thoughts and plans ran through his mind. He was actually rather mad this morning, another escape attempt foiled and he was left in this damn building again. He could walk around like it was his birthday though, he wasn't going to give the others the satisfaction of seeing him weak.

As they entered the kitchen he grabbed something from a basket and started eating it. This was a dreaded time for him and you could probably see that he was irritated if you studied him. Moments like these were pure hell, having to sit, wait for someone who thinks they know the world to teach him, about something that they themselves know nothing of. He looked around and found one of the cameras in the corner and raised it with a smile as to say, cheers. He knew he was watching, if Fuego gave him anything it was that he saw a lot, Fuego wouldn't say everything because that ment he was powerless, and he was not powerless, ever.