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located in The United States Mid-West, a part of The Will to Survive:The Armageddon Initiative, one of the many universes on RPG.

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Zanetta woke up with a cold and felt groggy. ''Again? I got to stop staying up all night.'' She sighed as she got out from her bed and began to stretch then thought to herself. *Uhh? Next door neighour's dog isn't barking like usual. Strange, maybe I'm not the only one feeling rough.* She sighed as she slipped into anything clothing of hers in her wardrobe, clipping her favourite tool belt onto her trousers, shoving a used rag in a pocket slightly showing and slipping her protective goggles around her neck. She then had her morning pee and walked down stairs seeing her phone had a message or two.

She then pressed the play button on it and went to her basic kitchen as she had no need for a fancy one..since she was not one for cooking and made herself some cereal while listening to her messages.

Computerized voice: Message one, at 6:02pm.

''Hey Zen! It's me Cathy! I know you are buzy working at your local garage and most likely hacking your boss's computer...hehe. Don't think I don't know honey! Why don't you come down to mine's and Faron's in Devon? Have a couple of glasses of wine and a catch up? Get back to us soon honey! Bye!''

Computerized voice: Message two, at 9:45pm.

''Hey Zen, me again. I don't think you should come over. -Pause- F...Faron was attack by a crazy guy, he was so fast...listen tell my mum, that we will be a day late coming to hers. Faron says he's fine, just has a migrane...but...he.. -Sniffs and sobbing sounds- ..he refuses to sleep and the more time goes on....he talks less. That man was so fast..''

Computerized voice: Message three, at 1:37am.

''Zen...I'm at the hospital with Faron, he looks really bad and the...the bite wound looks like it is smells...horrible..the doctors say it's so infected that amputation is the only option...I can't believe this! He was only attact several hours ago! Please me...I..I need you.''

Computerized voice: Message four, at 4:45am.

'' know I will alwalys think of will always be like a sister to me honey..-Sobs-...tell my mum that I..-Pause- Faron? what are you doing out of bed? Faron? Is that blood on your mouth? Faron! Faron! No! No! -Screaming and objects breaking in the background then it cuts off.''

Computerized voice: No more messages.

Zanetta quickly jumped up and ran to the phone and dialed the number back as the ring then went to a computerized voice she listened tensely. ''Service is currently unavalible, please contacted local phone service for more infomation thankyou.'' She then threw the phone to the couch in frustration then looked and saw a dark figure at her door, blocking sunlight she walked slowly and cautiously. ''H-Hello? You know I have installed a ringing bell, could of pushed it you know....Daniel? Is that you? Cathy-''

As she got closer suddenly the dark figure crashed open the door and roared as he charged at her, pushing her to the ground she yelped then grabbed the lonely wrench that sat leaning on the wall at her front door and hit him across the face with it and she scrambled away as the force forced him into the nearest wall. She then ran to her kitchen and grabbed a kitchen knife and as he came running to her, he smacked her to the ground like a rag doll and the knife flew from her hand.

Her vision was blurred and as soon as she saw his distorted face and roared a adrenaline punched scream and bashed his head with the wrench and he suddenly fell to the ground; She continued to bash his head in till his face exposed his brain. She then backed away as blood poured from his head and she looked at her shirt as it was covered in blood. She panted then cried a quick moment but got up and fought back the tears with a shivering sigh.

She then shoved the bloody wrench in her tool belt as she yanked it from her former Step dad of Cathy's and kepted the kitchen knife in had for sercurity. She wiped the sweat from her brow and took a breath. ''I need to find help...'' She drank some water straight from the tap and walked out from her destroyed front door to see what a normal start to the day became a chaotic one. She walked a couple miles to find the nearest town, keeping her guard up. ''I need to find help.'' She say in a determind manner as she walked towarks Buckley. She looked at her watch quickly as she shifted her eyesight to every point of view. ''Ok, two hours away, someone must know what is going on. This isn't normal....'' She then bent over she vomitted on the sidewalk then wiped her chin. ''I-I just killed Carly's step dad..'' She then continues at a fast pace onwards.