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located in Father's Estate, a part of Father's Puppets, one of the many universes on RPG.

Father's Estate



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It seemed Fade was a light sleeper. Almost the moment she laid her hand on him, he was already awake. To think that he was always so alert and ready... Fade was really incredible! Marionette smiled, elated by her new discovery of yet another amazing thing about her friend-to-be. And yet, something seemed wrong. Instantly, Fade sat up, pushing her gently away from him and rising, swiftly taking up his usual mask. In an instant, her features twisted slightly in worry. Why was he putting his mask on?! If he did that, he wouldn't be able to eat his breakfast! Her hair swished back and forth ever so slightly with a frantic speed as she analyzed the situation. Oh, it would be so easy to stop him. She could just stretch out the mono-filament wire concealed within her hair, and just cut the stupid mask right out of his hands. Then, if he still didn't want to eat, she could just as usually use it to make him wait while she fed it to him. Then he would realize how good it was, and he would eat it willingly! And then he would be pleased with her, and he would be her friend!

In the next instant, however, she was filled with relief, for Fade merely hung the mask around his neck, and then sat down once more. Oh, how silly it had been of her to assume her Fade would do something so rude. Of course, he only wanted the mask so he could be ready for later. Still, it was nice to know that she wouldn't have to use any of her tools to befriend him, like the razor-sharp wires concealed all across her body or the carving knife she had pocketed from the kitchen that morning. It was funny, actually, speaking of that knife. She noticed that her hand had crept into her back-left pocket where it was hidden without even realizing it. If someone who didn't know any better had noticed - which it seemed Fade thankfully hadn't, as he had been looking the other way at the time - they might have gotten the horrible, horrible misconception that she intended to hurt Fade. But no, she would never do that. She would only have helped him by destroying that mask as completely and utterly as she could, so nothing would be able to hide how he really felt from her. Then nothing would be separating them, and better yet, Fade would even be able to eat the breakfast without its interference.

But, it seemed that such measures wouldn't be necessary. Of course! It was silly to think that she'd need to do something like that. Fade was too nice to do something so rude as to snub the breakfast she had lovingly made him. But still... why wasn't he saying anything? Was something wrong? Had he not heard her? Or had he noticed something? She couldn't have him getting the wrong impression... But if he misunderstood, how could she correct him?

"Good morning," He said at last, his words finally breaking the very tense silence between them. Oh, so that was it. He must not have heard her explanation when she had woken him up! In that case, maybe if she just explained herself again, the situation could still be resolved with a happy ending.

"Good morning," she replied happily. Her voice was quiet, yet excited, as though she was overjoyed merely at being spoken to. "I thought you might like breakfast, so I made you some. Here, eat up!~" Quickly, she held up the tray of food to show him, and, with an eager smile, presented it to him.