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Snippet #2243939

located in Arcturus System, a part of Nebula's Dawn: Lance of Liberty, one of the many universes on RPG.

Arcturus System

The very fringe of colonized space, the Arcturus System is a binary star system with twelve planets orbiting the two stars.


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Character Portrait: Eli Colter
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"This is Outlaw Team, requesting tactical support ASAP!" it was Brooklyn over the comm link while Eli watched him strafe his light machine gun at enemies hidden in the clouds of sand.

"Someone get his legs!" Eli heard randomly over the comm. Bullets and their tracers were zipping past him, as cracks rattled around him. His HUD blinked the word "Error" in a light red hue as he spotted Jin crouched behind a barricade consisting of old industrial pipes. The private held his rifle over the bulwark and fired at random.

Then he heard nothing.

He looked around, there was sand and dust everywhere. Then there was some red stuff painted all around the ground, and bits of metal. There were chunks of meat on the ground, but it wasn't meat.

He couldn't see anything except for a shadow in the distance. The shadow began to define itself more clearly as the sand and dust died down. It was Solomon, his face was...very...anguished. There was blood and sand all over his face, blood and sand. His helmet had been blown off, and the part of his helm that was cracked revealed shards of metal planted into his cheeks with blood streaming out. He was bleeding from his eyes.

"Captain!" Eli heard over the comm, he couldn't distinguish the voice. It sounded like Mendez...or maybe it was Brooklyn.

"Lay down some suppressing fire Mendez!" that one sounded like Jin's voice...or was it Minigan...

Gunfire spurted and crackled repetitively like a nightmarish song, but nothing was pleasant about it to be called a song. It all seemed very blurry to Eli, the sand, the red mist, the metal.


He turned to look at Solomon again, he was screaming, but Eli heard nothing. He saw that the private's legs were completely gone, all that was left was a pile of flesh and a pool of blood getting drier and drier as it seeped into the sand.


You're leading a detail of eight guys...boss man dun laid a chop sesh on you...

Eli glanced away from Solomon, and he looked to Ferrar. He looked like some deformed creature, he didn't look like a human being anymore. With his entire right side ripped off, Eli couldn't tell where his armor began, or where his flesh ended, but he saw the blood. It was smeared all over Ferrar's face and he had this ghastly look, his eyes were open wide and staring blankly at Eli. The private was still gasping for breath, blood gurgled from his mouth. He was clinging to his life, but something told the captain that he was already dead.

loud as day, command...there's no need for you to show off...

"Son of a bitch! Captain! We're pinned down!" Was that Brooklyn? Or Ellsworth?

outlaw team, this is command...has a habit of worrrying too much...

"Captain! What do we do?!"

love you too, vic...someone get his legs captain calling for help


suppressing last's not like a marine dies everyday

do you copy targets situated this week got it from zero

marine death everyday command to as always

nothing was only trying too much Colter

worrying to half as smart


It was dark, and beads of sweat formed on Eli's forehead, the lamp in his quarters had not activated yet. He looked around him, darting from corner to corner in his room. He gasped for several moments before he buried his face in his hands.