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Blade ran a hand through his hair before he returned to his bed. He slowly made his bed trying to shake the nightmare from his mind. This had been the fourth time he had the same dream.
"You killed me, along with all the people I loved, now its my turn. I'm going to kill you." The line the little boy had said kept running through his head. The worse part about it was he couldn't think of any happy times to forget about the nightmare because the only thing he remembered about his past was that horrible incident.

Its pathetic I don't even my own name. Blade thought bitterly picking up a towel and outfit without even looking to see what he had picked up.

He silently made his way down to the first floor shower rooms and finding a shower noticing another person was also in here. Oh an instructor. Blade thought trying to find a shower stall as far as he could from the other male.
He found one turning on the water and stepping inside as the hot water flowed down over him.