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Snippet #2245966

located in Homestuck, a part of HMSTCK, one of the many universes on RPG.


Welcome to Homestuck, I hope you enjoy your stay.


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Character Portrait: Zuriik Taroql
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THE PAIN faded. Zuriik collapsed for the hundredth time onto his hands and knees, panting with over exertion. He stood shakily, registering the figure that stood in his “doorway”. Zuriik hobbled over to his picture wall. He bit his finger hard, hard enough to draw blood. This PAIN had been particularly painful, and the visions particularly potent. With his bloody finger, Zuriik made a mark, an X this time, under the picture of the cat-troll. Still recovering, Zuriik turned to the troll in his doorway. He was wearing a shirt with an alien face on it. His horns ended in donut shapes and he wore a large, nearly cartoonish pair of glasses.
“alienationSanctified, I presume?” Zuriik manage to inquire.
“Yeah. My real name’s Freddy Grason.”
“Zuriik Taroql. Real fucking pleasure.”
“Funny isn’t it? How we’ve known each other like, 2 years and we just now learn each other’s names.”
Zuriik grunted in reply.
“Anyway, here’s the copy of Sgrub I promised you.”
Freddy placed the disk gently onto Zuriik’s workbench. Zuriik sat down on his mat, his back to Freddy.
“Can I ask you a couple questions?”
“Sure, shoot.”
“What’s with this wall and the paintings?”
“Remember when I told you about THE PAIN?”
“Yeah, that thing you just got, where you get like, prophetic visions and shit at the cost of incredible suffering?”
"That wall is to keep track of those two people. Each green mark is when I've seen them in a vision."
"What about the red mark and the black mark?"
"Red is non-vision sightings, black is sightings of death."
"You've run into this green guy? Yikes."
"Sort of. I've seen him in a dream once. Killed me in it."
"What about this chick? You dreamed of her too?"
"Are there any red marks?"
"Yeah, no. Wish it was yes though."
“You’ve got a crush on her or something?”
“You could say that."
"Sucks that she died."
"Yeah, I guess so. It's not going to actually happen though. I won't let it happen."
"Well...I've got to go."
"Wait a sec. If dementedManiac contacts you, do not let him into our Sgrub session. Don't you fucking dare."
"Why do you hate him so much?"
"I don't hate him. I just...he reminds me too much of myself."
"What's the problem with that?"
"It's not a good thing. He's murderous, psychotic and dangerous. Just like me."
“I won’t make any promises. It might be good for you two to hang out a little. Improve your relationship and such. I’ve really got to go, see you round.”
Freddy left before Zuriik could get another word in. He sighed and grabbed the disk from his workshop.

Zuriik was in the middle of installing Sgrub when he received a chat on his PDA goggles. He retrieved them from where they hung and put them on.

whimsicalAlien [WA] began trolling slayronicJustiscythe [SJ]

WA: What’S up?
SJ: i’w sorry, qo i kuom yon?
WA: No, BuT I KnoW AlienationSanctifieD And he KnowS YoU. He GavE me YouR NumbeR, so to SpeaK.
SJ: i’w amar3 of t43 r3latious p3tm33u w3 auq AS. i mas t43r3 for wost of it.
WA: OnlY MosT?
SJ: it’s a fignr3 of sb33c4. sort of.
WA: AnywaY, I’m to be YouR ClienT PlayeR.
SJ: m4at?
WA: Hasn’T AS TolD YoU AnythinG AbouT SgruB?
SJ: uo, 43 pasically l3ft ont t4at bart.
WA: WhicH ParT?
SJ: all of t43m.
WA: JusT InstalL ThE GamE AnD I’lL WalK YoU ThrougH it.
SJ: qou3. u3xt?
WA: DonE AlreadY?
SJ: i mas alr3ady 4alfmay qou3 by t43 tiw3 yon coutact3q w3.
SJ: 4oly s4it.
WA: WhaT?
SJ: t43r3s 7nst t4is m3irqo ou wy scr33u. 43’s snrronq3q py ropot barts.
WA: I TakE OffensE at ThaT.
SJ: t4at’s yon?!
WA: YeaH. SgruB InstallS ItselF IntO RealitY.
SJ: t4at’s fnckiug awaziug!
SJ: m4at qo i qo uom?
WA: StraP YourselF in, it’s GoinG to be a Bumpy RidE. :)
SJ: (:

Zuriik smiled, he was having fun for the first time in years. He cracked his knuckles and got to work.