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Aphrodite turned on her heels and stalked into the mansion, the smile which usually sat upon her lips was swapped with a frown at the current predicament she had been put in. The blonde could feel Hephaestus close on her heels, his minions not far behind him, she highly doubted she could shake the smith that evening. Once entering the foyer she shrugged off her coat handing it to one of the many servants working for her father, looking around she noted Hades, Persephone and Demeter no doubt arguing again, not that she could judge after the blow up which had just happened outside. Deciding to skip the pleasantries with her siblings, the goddess walked straight towards the dinning room, taking a seat at the elaborately decorated table, she immediately reached for her wine, waiting patiently for her family to join her.

Already she began to feel the affects of the tediously long day take its toll on her form and the wine in her hand certainly wasn't going to help her stay awake. Placing the glass down she instead opted for water; Aphrodite knew Hephaestus was close by, she could feel him, he use to make her skin crawl and although she had to admit this version was a whole lot better, it still didn't do anything for her. How many times would she have to explain to the smith that true love was not something that came with materialistic items, no matter how breathtakingly beautiful they may be, if she had been as shallow as a mortal then perhaps the diamonds and jewels and the new meat suit would have been enough for her to forget about Ares, yet she was not, despite people's conceptions of her. Her love for Ares was too strong.

Perhaps the inevitable talk between the trio would finally make Hephaestus see sense and release her from the shackles of marriage, but then that posed the question as too if Ares love was passionate enough to claim her as his own bride, a part of her doubted this, but this was not a thought for today. No, now her mind was focused solely on how to get Hephaestus to see sense. β€œHA! CHECKMATE BITCH!” Ares roar echoed throughout the mansion, with a shake of her head she hid her smirk from behind her glass, her eyes drifting towards her 'husband.'

It wasn't long until everyone joined her at the table, once everyone was seated Zeus rose, standing at the head of the table a rather welcoming smile plastered across his face, something was definitely wrong. [i]β€œMy beautiful and handsome children; my beloved sisters and brothers; I am pleased to have us all gathered here today for this harmonious and hopefully peaceful dinner. I haven’t heard much from some of you, so if you would like to share how your mortal life fairs you, then please feel free to share. There is something grave that I must discuss with you all eventually, but before I get to that I would like for us to feel like a family first.”
Oh she just couldn't resist the urge to roll her eyes at that one, family, when had they ever been like a real family? Even when they sat high above on Mt Olympus they still weren't a family.

Apollos words spoke for everybody, well certainly for herself. Hera spoke and for once she found herself agreeing with the Queen of the Gods, something she never thought would occur in her life time "I agree with Hera, although I fear I will not be of much help, I will do what is asked of me." Aphrodite spoke up softly looking between Zeus and Apollo "but what is it you propose we do to prevent these premonition's?"