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Snippet #2246530

located in Homestuck, a part of HMSTCK, one of the many universes on RPG.


Welcome to Homestuck, I hope you enjoy your stay.


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Character Portrait: Danavel Maujī
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Reading was beginning to explain this game to him, but he was confused at how Sgrub could bend reality. While he was reading he was being trolled by WA
whimsicalAlien [WA] has began trolling dementedManic [DM][/color]

WA:HavE YoU AnY IdeA on HoW ThiS GamE WorkS?
WA: SgruB I MeaN.
DM: Ye4h 1t c4me w1th 4 m4nu4l, but 1t w4s wr1tten 1n the s4me blood color 4s me.
WA: I'm to be YouR ServeR, WhilE You'rE to be AS's ServeR
WA: I HavE a PrettY BaisC GrasP of ThingS.
DM: H4ve you deployed 4ny of these 1tems?
DM: 4n Alchemeiter, Cruxtruder, punch Designix.
WA: WoaH, HoW do YoU EveN KnoW AbouT ThosE ThingS?
DM: L1ke 1 s41d 1 h4ve 4 m4nu4l.
WA: CaN YoU ScaN it AnD SenD it to me?
DM: Sure, 1 c4n do th4t.

Danavel sent a scanned copy of the manual to WA, hoping he'll actually read it and figure out how to use a lot of this stuff.

WA: WaiT DiD YoU WritE ThiS?
WA: It'S in ThE SamE ColoR BlooD as YoU.
DM: If 1 wrote 1t, 1 would be pl4ying the g4me by now.
WA: PoinT TakeN.
WA: I'lL SetuP YouR ItemS, WhilE YoU SetuP AS's ItemS.
DM: What's h1s troll41n h4ndle, 4nd why does JS h4te me?
DM: D1d 1 do someth1ng to h1m?
WA: I Don'T KnoW WhY he HateS YoU, BuT I HavE to SetuP HiS SessioN.
DM: See you.
WA: WaiT up, BeforE YoU do AnythinG to ThE DeployeD MachineS. GeT AS's MachineS DeployeD.
WA: AS's TrollhandlE is alienationSanctified, I'lL TelL HiM ThaT YouR GoinG to be HiS ServeR.

whimsicalAlien [WA] ceased trolling dementedManic [DM]

WA began deploying the machines necessary for Danavel to enter the session, but before Danavel could enter the Medium. Danavel had to be sure that he deployed the items for AS to enter the medium or AS may be left behind on Alternia and die due to The Reckoning.

Danavel began deploying the items necessary for AS's entry into the medium, but he was a bit angered that WA decided to put his machines in hard to reach places. He had no idea why WA just didn't put them next to one another, but he was going to be sure to make it easy on AS and put the machines in easy to reach places. He began deploying the machines necessary. He decided to begin trolling AS to tell him that he would be deploying his machines now.

dementedManic [DM]has began trolling alienationSanctified [AS]

DM: 1 beg4n deploy1ng your 1tems, but do not worry.
DM: 1 sh4ll not put your 1tems on your roof l1ke WA d1d to me.
DM: 1'm guessing your busy 4nd that's why your not respond1ng to me.

dementedManic [DM] ceased trolling alienationSanctified [AS]

He began reading the giant manual that came with the disc, and he was sure that WA would read it as well. He didn't know that he shouldn't be wasting time reading the manual, but he was meant to enter the medium at the last second. It was either that or his whole timeline is ruined, but his future self was making sure that his past self followed the timeline correctly.