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James Dylor

Someone speaking his name made James start with surprise. He hadn't been on his guard almost at all over the last two weeks, he didn't need to keep his senses up as high as he possible could. Actually it was probably better than he keep himself dulled, considering the company he'd been spending his time with. Although he was slowly descending down to meet them the longer he spent in the shelter, no matter how clean he tried to keep himself. The lethargy was beginning to overpower him. And he looked young, they wouldn't kick him out for not being able to find a job, especially since from what the papers said the economy in the human world wasn't doing too well. He wasn't the only one out of a job, although the reasons for his unemployment were entirely different. No human would ever imagine his circumstances. Not even the his mother's relatives, if any of them were still alive. She'd never kept much company with them after she met his father, so he hadn't met very many of them before the generations outpaced his own growth.

The blue eyes flicked up, and his heart sped up slightly. He recognized the voice. Indeed, he caught a pair of turquoise eyes looking back at him, level with him, close enough to be real. He stared at her for a second, blank, as if trying to process her presence as she apologized in a soft voice. He stared at her for another beat before reaching up and hugging her without a second thought. It was, perhaps the most contact he'd had with anyone in a very long time. Well, apart from the few seconds when Belle had side-tackled him out of the path of His Majesty's rage. Other than that she'd held his hand all of...once, and that was pretty much all he had on the record of recent. Servant James would not have done such a thing, not the Belle, the mysterious new friend and most definitely not to Belle, the daughter of the Captain of the Guard. But Human James was tired and hungry and he missed his friend and he really didn't care about rules and regulations anymore. So he'd hug her if he wanted to.

The slightly wasted looking form clung to the blonde for a second, his face pressed into her neck. "There's nothing for you to be sorry for." He mumbled in return before letting go all of a sudden, flushing and ducking his head because, after all, Human James had never done more than hold her hand before and hadn't hugged anyone in a very long time. The embarrassment faded away quickly though, chased by a large grin. A very relieved grin at that. "Belle," He said, his voice a bit scratchy with dryness and a little bit of lack of use. He'd probably attack the water fountain before he left, those little structures were his best friends. "I...thought I wouldn't see you again before" He paused, suddenly not so sure if he wanted to tell her that he was planning to leave. He lost his guts. He'd tell her later. No need to say anything now. "" He said again and laughed awkwardly, flushing again.

"How are you? How's everyone been faring? a replacement yet?" The name was strange in his mouth, forbidden, taboo still, even to Human James. It was obvious that he missed the manor, or at the very least he was lonely in a way he'd never experienced before, literally alien from everyone around him. His questions spouted from his mouth before he could stop them, but he managed to catch himself after stumbling over Narek's name. He reached up and put his hand over his mouth to stop his bubbling of words. But he did have many words to makeup for. he'd gotten used to Belle's company, and to spending many many words all at one time, but when that was suddenly taken away he actually missed talking to people. Sure there were friendly people in the shelter, but it wasn't the same. He wasn't human enough yet to make friends with them. And he was the youngest person, other than children accompanied by a parent, in the place, which made him a bit of oddity.

When he stopped talking he caught the smell of the food, he hadn't even noticed Belle set down that pack. He glanced at it a second, but looked away quickly, swallowing, trying to make himself ignore it, or he'd start working himself up. He needed to be some semblance of polite, since his actions so far had been scattered and sporadic. What must she think of him now? He certainly wasn't the old James, he'd never go back to being that boy again. Well, hopefully. There was little chance that Narek would want to pick him up again. James wouldn't have that. His return to freedom, while trying and mostly terrible, had been a return home. He'd settle for it, even though it wasn't exactly what he'd wanted. He wasn't going to try for that again though, not if he couldn't help it. If Belle was willing to sacrifice herself to keep him alive, then he was going to make good of her gift. Nothing less than she deserved.