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located in Mecca Mana Academy, a part of Mecca Mana, one of the many universes on RPG.

Mecca Mana Academy

Mecca Mana Academy


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Tony wriggled uncomfortably in his seat. His cheek had definitely bruised, but it was the words that made him antsy.

Should he leave? That was what that one woman had said. Wasn't she the air teacher? Or was it the other one. She sounded harsh. Maybe he should go. He didn't really want to be here anyways...

His bruise throbbed, and he remembered the blast of wind. He couldn't deny that it felt good to do that. Maybe one day he'd be able to show that blonde guy he could protect himself, instead of always depending on Franki or Erin. Of course, if he left, he wouldn't have to deal with him at all. Or any of this.

But...his father....if he left, he knew his father would ridicule him for quitting. For being a pansy. He'd disown him, probably. That wasn't too terrible. No, he'd just lament on what a terrible son he was. Playing flute. Giving up on his ability. Not developing it.

The threat of disappointment and the desire to show his father that he wasn't a failure made up Tony's reluctant mind. With a sigh, he pushed off the chair and dragged his feet towards the Gymnasium, just following the crowd. At one point he thought he saw the blond guy, but it turned out to be someone else. Jeez, he sure hoped that he was just an air-using genius and he didn't know it, because this hiding just wouldn't do. Though the previous attempt made him think otherwise to that theory. Speaking of, where did that one guy go? Tony looked around as he entered the large building.